5 Wrong Notions About Cloud

When the concept of cloud first came into existence, there were some sections which said that cloud will define the future and some were skeptical about its viability. But as time wore on those critics have not just been proven wrong but cloud has even surpassed its supporter’s expectations. But there are still some naysayers who are popularizing misconceptions about cloud. These are some myths related to the cloud computing


1. Moving To Cloud Is a Hassle

  • Every SMB thinks that moving their data to the cloud is very much time consuming and involves a lot of effort but this is not true, if the right support from the cloud host is achieved this movement is not that hard.
  • Right amount of planning regarding documentation, recovery and fixes should be done by the host to make the process e
    asy and efficient.

2. Cloud Cannot Host Critical Applications

  • Cloud cannot only offer storage and processing capabilities but can also provide application hosting services like office 365 and QuickBooks.
  • It is thought that cloud cannot run large and critical application like that of SAP but this notion cannot be more wrong. Cloud can very much run these applications and do this with aplomb.

3. Security Provided By Cloud Is Not Good

  • If you think that data stored locally is safer than that on cloud, then you are oblivious to reality. Data stored on cloud is not only encrypted but its keys lies with client and encryption is done by host making it all the more secure
  • Data is backed up in cloud so physical damage is also out of context. All the data is distributed between different servers, so even if one server is physically damaged data is not lost.
  • The data centers are well p
    rotected by armed guards leaving out any scope of theft and loot.

4. Cloud Is Cost Saving

  • Though cost saving is one of the most enduring qualities of cloud hosting but the concept of it being the cheapest technology around is not correct in its entirety.
  • The cloud is scalable, so if the storage requirement varies then cloud is highly effective but if storage and processing requirements remains more or less the same the cloud is of no avail. Moreover cloud only optimizes computer resources.
  • It is true that pay-as-you-use model is good for start-ups but it holds only until the company is small. As the firm starts growing extensively, pay-as-you-go model starts showing its deficiency putting the user in a real spot of bother.

5. Virtualization And Cloud Are Same

  • This is one idea that really confuses the user and the reader. Cloud and virtualization are two very differen
    t concepts and one should be very clear about them.
  • Virtualization can exist without cloud but cloud cannot survive without virtualization
  • Cloud is a utility based model which is able to thrive upon a virtualized environment. Cloud is aimed at selling every technology as a utility in a pay as you use model. In virtualization multiple servers are allowed to run on same hardware while in cloud computing companies access or store applications or data on the servers which are virtual.


Myths are a part of every technology that people are unaware of. Some of these myths are stemmed by desperate hosts to increase their business others from adopters who want to justify their choice. But cloud is the present and future of IT and is very helpful if used logically and done in tandem by client and the host.

About the Author: Josephine Clark is a Cloud and Mobile Technology enthusiast and an avid writer. Other than working at QuickBooksHosting DotCom, she actively participates in various forum discussions, writing blogs and articles on topics like latest mobile apps, updates of Operating systems, Cloud hosting services such as QuickBooks hosting, etc.

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