Dialing-Up a Cloud-Based PBX Phone System

When businesses make calls on the cloud, it brings inner-office and customer communication to a whole new level.


From the convenience of multiple lines to the hassle-free telecommunication devices involved, cloud-based phone systems are the calling card of the future.

Here are 5 benefits of dialing-up with a cloud-based PBX phone system:

1. Unlimited Features

Unlike traditional landlines that are limited in capability, cloud-based PBX phone systems have an array of features depending on the provider. Many cloud-based private branch exchange phone systems come with unlimited extensions, unlimited voicemail boxes, extension call recording, voicemail callback, inbound call descriptions, and a number of system diagnostic tools for optimization purposes.

The list of functionality-enhanced features also includes conferencing via multiple lines, or trunks, which puts the entire company on the same page when it comes to conference calls. Likewise, many cloud-based PBX providers offer unified messaging, which integrates all messages including voicemail and video messages into one streamlined interface.

2. Unparalleled Access

Cloud-based PBX phone systems also allow for anywhere access to the telecommunication system. In other words, employees can access the phone system from any location via the Internet. This not only lowers telecommunication costs for traveling employees, it puts accessibility front and center, which improves productivity.

In addition, cloud-based PBX technology makes multiple location calls a possibility. When a customer or client calls a PBX equipped business, one extension rings in multiple locations at the same time, whether it be the employee’s office, cell phone, home office, or all three. This redefines incoming calls.

3. Single Number Service

When a company has multiple contact numbers and extensions, it confuses callers and oftentimes leads to miscommunication.

One of the 5 benefits of a Cloud-based PBX phone system is it allows for single number service.

Single number service means an entire company is represented by one telephone number, regardless of whether the company is in one location or multiple. The single number can be used as a direct line or bounce around to any number of specified company extensions.

4. No Initial Investment

Because a cloud-based PBX phone system uses existing Internet connections, it requires virtually no initial investment. Phone system service providers and all included equipment are housed remotely, which means the cost involved with hardware and system installation isn’t a factor.

Another cost benefit of cloud-based PBX technology is the fact it requires no additional in-house IT staff to maintain and operate. Updates, fixes, and upgrades are all taken care of remotely, so all companies have to do is pay the service fees involved.

5. Mobile Extensions

As an added benefit of cloud-based PBX’s anywhere access, the technology also allows for mobile access. With Mobile PBX, the in-office trunk extends to employee cell phones as well, which optimizes connectivity and allows employees to bring their work with them wherever they go.

This type of mobility also means employees can access phone extensions through any Internet-enabled device, including tablets and laptops. And, because calls are still based on the company’s physical location, most long distance and roaming fees don’t apply.

From the features to the accessibility, it’s easy to see, and hear, why cloud-based PBX phone systems are the best way for companies to dial-up.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including technology and the environment.

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