3 Ways Cloud Computing Is Taking Over The World

Cloud computing is now a fact of life. It no longer lurks in the corners, quietly watching technology and plotting its next move. Instead, cloud computing has integrated itself with our technologies, and we’re complacent. We use the cloud to store documents, interact, and entertain ourselves. These are three ways the cloud is will soon take over the world.


3 Ways Cloud Computing is Taking Over

  1. In time, the cloud will be everywhere: The beginnings have already happened with your iPhone and PC running Windows 8. Applications are nothing more than cloud-based programs that we use every day to check our social networks, do work, and entertain ourselves by using a ninja sword to cut fruit while listening to Pandora.
  2. If you aren’t already, you will soon be working on the cloud: Does your company use Google Docs to store documents? How about SharePoint? Skydrive? A combination of those? The cloud has already wormed its way into your life and there’s no going back. In fact, in time all of your work will be cloud-based. Don’t beleive me? There has been a lot written on cloud computing and how the transitions are being made.
  3. The cloud remembers everything: The email you sent 10 years ago to your ex-girlfriend explaining that your co-worker was “just a friend?” If you haven’t specifically sought it out and destroyed it, then it’s still there, waiting to be unearthed. Those Facebook pictures posted by your friend that caused you to change your lifestyle? Be careful, because those might show up too. It’s a good thing you weren’t planning on getting into politics.

3 Reasons this is a Good Thing

Nevertheless, do not fear, the cloud is a benevolent ruler. Here are a few reasons why world domination via cloud-computing may not be a terrible thing.

  1. It’s everywhere: This means that at any time you want to connect to friends, watch TV, play a game, or listen to some music, you can, without constantly searching or re-entering preferences. All because of the cloud. Having access to everything you need all the time and from almost anywhere is not a bad way to live!
  2. We work on the cloud: Working on the cloud not only saves money, but can be more efficient. It allows people to collaborate from within the same office, or from across the country. This means more productivity at a higher quality.
  3. The cloud remembers everything: Have you ever had your computer suddenly crash while you were working on that big presentation? No worries, your good old pal “the cloud” has your back. Thinking about upgrading you
    r computer but don’t want to download all of your files to physical media? Put it on the cloud, where you can get to it from anywhere at any time with any computer.

The cloud isn’t exactly a new concept, but in our personal and professional lives it is becoming more and more prevalent. Just like anything in life, this tool can be used for good or for evil. The power is in our hands – until it gains sentience.

About the Author: This post was graciously contributed by Walter Gentry of North Carolina. Walter has been working in the virtual space for over 7 years and currently helps to support the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC). In addition to his contributions to CSCC, Walter has also written several publication on the importance of cloud computing standards, including the various standards set forth for cloud security.
License: Creative Commons image source

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