Why All The Fuss About Cloud Call Centres?

The emergence of the internet and services based in ‘the cloud’ has presented huge potential for certain business models to become more efficient.


One service where the potential is starting to be realised is for business contact centres. 18% of call centres have now implemented cloud technology – fast progress considering that figure was only 2.2% in 2008.

But how can cloud computing be used to improve such services? Here are three reasons why use of cloud computing in call centres is expected to double in the next year.

It offers more flexibility

Call centres are commonly used as a point of contact for the consumer. As such, they are required to grow and adapt quickly depending on the demands of the market.

Before cloud computing, this could pose real problems. If a call centre was required to grow, then for every new agent would be required additional software and hardware to enable them to use the system. On top of that, there is the issue of physical office space to accommodate them.

Cloud computing facilitates the chance to scale up or down much more quickly and easily – agents are able to log on to the platform used remotely, meaning they do not even have to be in the office to do so.

This has the added benefit of enabling them to adapt to other circumstances which may prevent agents working from the office – severe weather conditions, for example.

It’s more cost efficient

Cloud computing comes in cheaper in just about every category. The software itself comes in at a lower cost as does its installation. Not only that, but set-up costs are greatly reduced due to the ease of implementation.

On top of this, cloud offerings are usually subscription-based. Therefore services that would usually incur extra costs, such as technical support, are typically included as part of the package.

It facilitates better customer service

The convenience and efficiency of cloud call centres can also have tangible benefits for the person who uses them most – the customer. For one thing, cloud call centres are more efficiency in assigning calls to agents and thus call waiting time is greatly reduced. But there is potential for an even better use of the technology to become the future of call centres…

The way people connect with businesses now – be it to complain, order or make an enquiry – has changed as technology trends have developed. With the emergence of social media, a customer can communicate instantly with a representative without having to open their mouth.

Cloud computing enables an integrated platform whereby all customer interactions can be recorded across an integrated platform. So rather than the frustrating experience of speaking to a new person each time they dial a contact number, every correspondence with that company from e-mail to phone call via Twitter and Facebook can be recorded easily in one place.

Ultimately, there are not many areas that a call centre cannot be improved with the use of cloud computing. With more and more organisations adopting this technology, it seems that the future of contact centres will provide a better experience for all involved.

What areas of customer service might be improved by cloud computing from your experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

About the Author: Liam is a writer who lives and works in Bristol. He enjoys keeping an eye on the latest technological trends and recommends NewVoiceMedia to anybody wanting to learn more about cloud call centre services. 

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