Managing Software and Data Maintenance via Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is just a concept involving a huge number of computers connected through a network such as the Internet. Distributed computing and cloud computing are synonyms in the field of science, and it has to do with using a computer program that runs on multiple computers at the same time.


Secure Long-term Data Storage

Cloud computing allows you to save your data in a safe place for the long term. Your data will be put on hard drives of servers, and they will be backed up on a regular basis. There is no need for you to store your data on your hard drive, and you can even get access to it from all over the world through the Internet. Examples of these types of services are Dropbox, SugarSync, Windows Live Mesh and Amazon Cloud Drive. However, you need to consider the security standards of these services before picking up one of them along with the amount of data that you are allowed to save.

Software Upgrades and Updates

Software upgrades and updates are very easy to do in the world of cloud computing, because they can be done on the server right away. For instance, if you have a software that runs “on the cloud”, you will be able to update it, and your clients will get access to the update quickly. You will not have to release any update because you will do it just once, and your fans, members or clients will enjoy the upgrade right away. Your firm will be able to reduce the downtime of the software due to upgrades and updates thanks to the help of cloud computing.

Practical Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a very practical service because it allows you to get access to huge number of devices, resources, and other kinds of things. The IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) provides you access to CPUs, SQL databases and other IT resources quickly and easily. The PaaS (Platform as a Service) allows you get access to a runtime system on top of your IaaS – this is the case of the Google App Engine. The SaaS (Software as a Service) allows you to get access to a applications running on a remote server from mobile devices, a web browser and other thin clients.

Superior Maintenance and Backups

Software and hardware maintenance is highly reduce with the use of cloud computing. IT costs in the organization will be lowered because of the reduced number of servers required inside the premises. The IT staff does not have to maintain or backup any kind of software because it is already stored on servers elsewhere. High upgrade costs are a thing of the past with cloud computing because a superior maintenance routine will be achieved with the use of remote software to deal with anything that happens. Clients will not lose any data because it can be backed up on a seconds basis – think about Google docs.

Managing software and data maintenance via cloud computing is very easy because this technology uses many things that make the life of the IT staff easier.

About the Author: Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., a managed server virtualization and cloud computing service provider company in Portland, OR. Deney is the only localised and authorised IBM business partner in Pacific Northwest. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.

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