5 Perks Of Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems

It seems that nearly everything is moving to the cloud. Why should business phone systems be any different? The last several years have redefined how the modern day workplace operates. It’s becoming a mobile world and the final tie to that 9 to 5 desk detainment is the phone. How will clients reach you if not at your desk? What if you miss that important callback from a potential customer? With cloud-based digital phone systems, these dilemmas and many more are a thing of the past. Here are 5 perks you need to know about switching to cloud-based businesses phone systems.


1. Scalability

For businesses with multiple locations, cloud-based business phone systems are practically a necessity! They allow the employees of franchise-style businesses to shift fluidly between locations without feeling the pressure of distance away from their desk. All locations are connected by a digital phone system that boosts efficiency with easy transfer throughout all store locations and simple, user-based control when employees join or leave the team.

2. Mobile Device Integration

What about business professionals who spend the majority of their time out on the road? Cloud-hosted connections like the NEC VoIP phone system integrates seamlessly with mobile devices so that road warriors can easily forward lines to their cell phone, keeping them connected to clients, potential customers and the office no matter where a lead takes them.

3. Feature Rich

For small to mid-sized businesses, acquiring a cloud-based phone will provide the same quality features that enterprise phone systems impart on huge corporations. Call logs, conference calling and auto attendants to direct incoming calls are now perks that can be utilized no matter the size and budget of businesses. In addition, emergency dial-out and 411 directory assistance comes standard with most cloud-based phone systems.

4. Cost Effective

Unlike traditional business phone systems that cost thousands of dollars to install, set up and maintain; cloud based systems are far less expensive, saving businesses nearly 50 to 60% in the first year! And cloud-based operations like the NEC VoIP phone system don’t cost nearly as much to operate, either.  Set up is a breeze, the system is intuitive and easy to learn and many of the functions can be controlled and adjusted by the user.

5. Unified Communications

Lastly, cloud-based digital phone systems offer unified communications for companies who do a great deal of business over the phone. Unified communications means that employees can conduct business through completely integrated devices. For instance, making a phone call from their computer or receiving voicemails through email. Unified communications is a proven boost to productivity, as employees no longer need to shift between multiple platforms in order to do their jobs. Everything is seamlessly tied together.

In short, cloud-based business phone systems like the NEC VoIP phone system are not only becoming the way of the future but the way to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Many businesses are still unaware that this technology not only exists but it completely affordable and of an enterprise phone systems quality. For those who do know the perks, acquiring a cloud-hosted phone system could put your business ahead of your closest competitors. Open the doors of communication between multiple locations, utilize mobile devices and enterprise-level features that are cost effective and unify communications to cut that last traditional tie that could be holding your business back.

About the Author: Scott Resnick is a business phone systems expert and President of Today’s Telecommunications Industries, LLC (TTI) in Houston, TX. TTI is Houston’s leading provider of NEC business phone systems. To read more of Scott’s work, visit www.ttihouston.com/blog.

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