Marketing the Cloud at Conferences


Attending a cloud conference is a great way to market your cloud products and services to the right people.

It gives you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with business owners who are interested in cloud computing and show them how your products or services can be beneficial to them.

If you are planning to attend or participate in a cloud conference any time soon, you can use the following tips to market your cloud products more effectively.

Be a Speaker

The most effective way to generate interest in your cloud products during a conference is to become a speaker.

By sharing your expertise, you can establish yourself as the goto expert in the field of cloud computing and gain the trust of your potential customers.

After giving a speech, you will most likely have people approaching you to comment on your speech or seek advice, and you can take advantage of the opportunity to introduce your products. The advantage of becoming a speaker at a conference is that it enables you to reach out to a large number of people with minimal effort.

There are a number of ways to find speaking engagements. You can contact the organizers of the cloud conferences you wish to attend to find out if they need speakers, or use a paid service that matches speakers with event planners.

Talk to as Many People as Possible

If you are unable to land a speaking slot at a cloud conference, you may have to work harder to market your cloud products or services.

Try to talk to as many people as you can while you are at the conference. Find out about their professions or businesses, and the reasons why they are interested in cloud computing. Then, you can show them your marketing materials and let them know how your products or services can be beneficial to them.

While you are at it, you can also ask them what they think about your products, sales pitch and marketing materials. Remember to ask them for their business cards after you talk to them.

Maximize Your Presence

To make your marketing messages more effective, you need to create awareness of your brand and products ahead of the conference.

This can be done by raising your profile through e-newsletters and press releases. Find out which publications are covering the conference and let their journalists know how you can contribute to the event and what benefits you can offer to the attendees.

Follow Up on Your Leads

After you have gathered leads at a cloud conference, you need to follow up on them and try to convert them into sales. Send personal emails to everyone you met and invite them to keep in touch.

By contacting them regularly, you will increase your chances of converting them into paying customers.

Other than giving you a great opportunity to market your cloud products or services, a cloud conference also enables you to learn the latest trends in cloud computing and other tips that can be beneficial to your business.

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