Cloud Computing: What Every Business Should Know

Cloud computing is an ideal option for businesses both small and large. With a small monthly service fee, your company won’t have to rely on costly methods of technology and can opt for a cloud based service instead. It also eliminates the added expense of an in-house IT department when you have all of the managed data that’s needed for your operation to run successfully. With the use of a data center provider, you’ll find that they are knowledgeable and experienced to handle all of your cloud service needs for a fraction of the expense of what computer equipment and an IT department would cost.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

What is the “Cloud”?

Cloud computing signifies the Internet and is a means for storing and accessing important programs and data that is utilized in your business instead of on the company’s hard drive. Local storage means that the information is housed from the hard drive. Small businesses with only a few computers may benefit from using companies like QTS to convert to the cloud because the digitilized information that’s transmitted over the Internet can be difficult for a limited number of computers to keep up with.

With cloud, you’ll find that it’s possible to have a large number of virtual desktops transmitting on one machine. For businesses that are unable to purchase a vast amount of computer equipment and servers, you’ll find this to be the perfect outcome.

Mobile Integration

The future of today’s business depends on mobile technology such as cellphones, notepads and other devices that utilize Internet connections. This form of technology is making personal and business computer systems obsolete. For businesses that are interested in capitalizing on the industry, you’ll need the cloud to support mobile methods of communication. Cloud computing allows your business to virtually keep in touch with your customers, clients and employees without any limitations.

Revenue Generation

You can even use cloud computing to increase revenue for your business. For companies that use an e-commerce Internet site, you’re inventory will no longer be a slave to the amount of space on your server. Cloud allows you to upload an unlimited amount of information without facing limitations on bandwidth or storage. You can also create web portals to run advertisements to generate more income for the business.

Costs Reduction

Computers, servers, training and hiring can all be costly avenues for any business. Cloud computing allows a company to produce more work with fewer employees. Because you don’t have to waste precious monetary expenses on unnecessary payroll costs, you can use the money toward the growth and expansion of your company. Virtualizing your IT department can be financially beneficial for a number of reasons. Because the data is centralized in a virtual location, your employees can travel freely without having to lug computer equipment to the various locations. This can save both time and money when they make their various calls to customers.

Cloud converting offers a host of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Because it’s a virtual desktop, you can store a significant amount of information without it causing storage problems for your business. It’s also a great way to generate more revenue and spend less on employee training.

About the Author: Bethany Gillis has worked for a variety of businesses and knows firsthand the technical difficulties that can be experienced. She offers this information to help business owners better understand what the cloud can mean for their company’s future. To help learn your company’s data options, she suggests contacting a qualified data company like QTS, which is one of the largest data centers in the US.

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