5 Ways The Cloud Can Help Your Business

cloud computing for businessIt is considered the next big advancement in information and communication technology. Cloud technologies are characterized by hosting computing and storage services in a remote and virtual location, thereby requiring little to no intervention on the user’s end in the implementation of their computing environments. Cloud introduction in the industry has caused a huge revolution in services and computing, creating vast possibilities for storage, computing power and virtual applications among other potential fields. The benefits for small and large businesses are undeniable, as the enterprise ready product takes a handle on global computing.

Document Collaboration

This is one of the most popular uses of cloud, where productivity applications are hosted on a web based portal for all the members of a business or organization to access and update for the objectives of the business. The use of document collaboration puts a whole new meaning to a global office, where members of a team scattered all over the world can work on a critical document at the same time to increase their collective productivity.

Low Operational Cost

The initial investment is low, and operational costs are quite negligible, normally quantified by the management of hardware resources used in the access of cloud services. This has given rise to most businesses to take up the service and develop their product and corporate operations around cloud technologies.


Most cloud environments have real time text, video and audio communication portals for all of the team members in a small or medium sized company. This reduces the investment on propriety voice and video communication systems to a bare minimum. The portal provides the subscribing company with the opportunity to access all communication methods from one location using a unified log in service.


Securing data is not encrypted behind industry grade protocols that are operated by the integral companies that manage the cloud hosts. Accessing information comes with attached privacy policies which bind the business owners and the cloud hosting services to an agreement to maintain the integrity of the data in all eventualities.


This has often been a challenge for many industries, companies and businesses, the ability to perform regular and real time backups in protecting the data from loss or possible corruption. With Cloud services, this process is automated and the availability of the data is guaranteed for all the times of necessitated access.

Cloud introduction is vital for any business or corporation. Allowing your employees to work on projects, wherever they are will really increase productivity. The Cloud is a must have for any business, regardless of size.

About the Author: Jake Edward is a free lance writer who loves to blog about technology and business. Follow him @JakeAlexander17.

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