Should I Go Small Business Cloud?

smallbizYou may be wondering if using a small business cloud service (Internet-based services) will help your small business.

Does it even make sense to use a cloud when you can have a server right on location? What about tech help?

Everyone knows that having your tech guy on call or on-site is the best thing…right? Internet based services are unreliable and most scams out to steal your identity, right?

Those questions are what many small business owners ask and assume are going to receive an affirmative answer.

Well, in today’s fast moving world our technology is evolving faster than ever. This is where the cloud comes in – you’ll always be at the cutting edge of server software without the hassle of installing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

Business Cloud Services

Cloud computing has been incorporated almost everywhere. From Google to Amazon, from the local library to the leading hospitals, everyone is on the cloud.

While your cloud won’t be in touch with theirs, the idea is simple. Use the combined power of servers afar to host your local needs. Less energy is used, no hardware on your site, and reduction of costs. Everyone benefits!

When you use a cloud you are able to access your business’ information whenever you need, wherever you are. Need a document right now? Pull it from the cloud to your phone and print it on your internet enabled printer at home. Send your information to a client’s email while you’re on vacation.

Some Helpful Cloud Add-Ons

Even if you do not turn all of your business needs over to the cloud, think of using some cloud services.

Dropbox is an online file storage and sharing utility that can allow you to share information around the world. Clients can grab their files almost instantly with their computer, tablet, or phone.

You can invoice with a cloud service like OfficeTime. You’ll be able to do many of the same tasks as the ‘big boys’ but without the price tag. Upgrades to the cloud will be taken care of by the cloud company, whereas server upgrades for on-site machines can run in the thousands. Who doesn’t like free?

Is There Downtime?

While there may be glitches from time to time, your business won’t suffer from an information loss in the event of a power outage or server death.

No need to call in a ‘tech guy’ – cloud companies have that under control. You will pay a monthly fee which will still be less than the hourly wages for extra on-site tech staff.

Other savings will come from the reduction of your business’ energy use.

Servers need a lot of power. Not only do they consume power but they must be kept cool. Cooling costs are high when you remember that the cooling must continue day and night. Not only will you save money on hardware, you’ll spend less on electricity, and help reduce your business’ impact on the environment.

Cloud-based services are perfect for small businesses and the independent contractor that wish to stay up to date and in the know.

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on small business topics such as how to improve reviews and credit card services.

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  • Kleber Rocha

    Yes, cloud solutions are perfect fit for small and medium business. Mitel has a complete communication solution to supply all this market needs.