Social Networking Embraces Cloud Computing

social media cloudFor companies, going social was huge back in few years, everybody was talking about Facebook and Twitter, and even Linkedin. Today this is a common and if your company is not using social media as a mean of promotion this looks like a case for complete company marketing overhaul.

What connects Social media and Cloud Computing?

Social media is like a copy cat of “real” life. Your family is there, your friends and your business partners. Pretty much all the people you need to lead a healthy social life. Beside this, it is a place where you can earn money, at least indirectly. How is this done? We all know- there are commercials, there are people who are interested in clicking those commercials, there is offer and there is need for products and services.  There are gossips, Likes and comments, all you need to make the most out of your business offer.

Cloud computing is great, and it gives a lot to business owners, managers and workforce, and it helps cut the costs and gain more results. On the other hand Cloud computing is used by businesses for pure business; there is no social life, there are no buzz words, there is no word-of-mouth marketing. This is something that lacks in a cloud but can be found on a ground, in Facebook, for example. This is a great tool which can be used to increase sales, to get first real results on the effects of marketing campaign or to just inform your followers that something new is out there.

How to connect Social media and Cloud Computing?

There are numerous different options companies should count on when they decide to connect social media and Cloud based CRM (customer relationship management).

Every product (or service) have its life cycle, and at the beginning this is just an idea, the idea leads to test product or service (great place to test a product is Facebook), if a first series is accepted by customers company should run a serial production (at this point social media is a great place to promote a product furthermore) and if the product needs some small changes, the company can reach its followers to get idea on what should be changed or upgraded. And the company can get all these valuable information for free, and from actual users. Once the info is harvested, it is sent to cloud-based CRM where all the data will be processed. What can be done on Facebook can also be done on Twitter. Customers post their tweets, CRM process interesting tweets and the company can react on time if needed to inform customers on their products or services.

Different cloud based tools can be developed to connect social networkers and companies. These tools can cover everything from job applications to project collaboration. It could be one-way or two-way communication tools, depending on what the company is after. Also, companies can connect their co-workers via social networks and cloud based software’s to reach better co-operation and healthier atmosphere between employees.

Another great thing companies should think about is Blogging (yes, this is also social media). It is easy to maintain (usually takes one or two good writers to keep the visitors entertained and to make them raise a question about a product/service.

If used wisely social marketing together with cloud computing can help a company to be at least one step in front of competition.  This era of information and social media is a great place to simply pick up the information and use it in your favor, for the benefit of both company and customers.

About the Author: The article is transcribed by Jason Phillips; he has 4 years of experience in content writing on variety of topics. His favorite topic has been web cam chat and social networking.

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