Cloud Computing – Enables a Business Organization to Outsource Small Applications at Affordable Costs

cloud computing basicsThrough the cloud computing technique, it becomes quite easy for various business organizations and professionals to include different software as a solution to their complex operations and other problems. Thus they have uncountable numbers of applications and business opportunities at their disposal. In a nutshell, Cloud Computing incorporates in itself all that delivers the hosted services worldwide on the Internet.

Basic Features of Cloud Computing Technology:

  • This service is fully controlled by the service provider.
  • There are no restrictions on the quantum of services to be used by the user. Thus, the user can use any amount of services as required by him.
  • Cloud computing services are provides only when demanded by the user.

Deployment Models of a Cloud:

  1. Public Cloud- In this model, the service provider offers it services to everyone present on the Internet, i.e. to the general public at whole. Such services can be acquired by the user for free or on payment based on usage manner.
  2. Private Cloud- It is that model in which the service provider renders its services to specific organizations or people only. Thus, in Private Cloud Model, you will have to purchase and manage the services yourself.
  3. Hybrid Cloud- This is a combination of two different clouds or different deployment models. However it is not safe and flexible, yet it provides great fault tolerance.

Types of Cloud Computing Services available:

  1. Hardware as a Service- In this model, the service provider has to manage, host and run the equipment owned by him and the user has to pay as per the amount of services utilized by him. The user can increase or decrease the amount of services required by him at any moment.
  2. Platform as a Service- The service provider belonging to this model, develop applications on his platform over the Internet and provides such applications to the user with the help of Gateways, portals and websites available with the user.
  3. Software as a Service- This is the model in which the application software is installed and run on the cloud and the cloud clients help users to access these applications from anywhere on the Internet.

Utility of Cloud based applications for Business Organizations:

The application software based on the technique of cloud computing are an effective and quite economical way to carry on the operations of one’s business. Rather, they are a better alternative to the traditional computer software’s that are being used since decades. If operated carefully, then the applications based on cloud computing are certainly perfect for the small business organizations or sole proprietors.

There are many functions in a business organization which can be very easily fulfilled with the help of number application software. Some of such activities are accounting, processing of payroll, reservation, sales, e-marketing, online appointment, scheduling, staff management, e-newsletters, etc. And all this is available to you at very low costs with the help of just an Internet connection.

Advantages of using Cloud Based Applications and Software:

  • Most of the applications based on cloud model allow their users to have an access to the records and other files from any Internet connection.
  • They are quite easy to set up and do not require frequent maintenance.
  • There is automatic updating of cloud based software.
  • A software based on cloud computing technique is easy to use and can be used even without any particular technical knowledge. Any person having basic computer skills can use it.
  • Such software also does not require any expensive hardware devices.
  • The feature of paying as per the usage makes it very affordable by small organizations.
  • Overall, the adoption of cloud computing technology enables a business to stay competitive and profitable.

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