Collaborate in the Cloud: TeamWox SaaS Review

teamwox reviewThe catchphrase in today’s business world is “on the go.” Business people are now more mobile than ever – thanks to the availability of mobile technology and devices and – of course – the cloud.

Indeed, adopting the cloud enables businesses to be more innovative and productive. Perhaps the cloud is not as cost-saving as pitched by cloud vendors and the media, but I’m certain that cloud computing is powerful, and plug your business into the cloud means that you can empower your business – and your staffs.

One of the major benefits of the cloud is the fact that you can run your business entirely in the cloud, with collaboration among team members can be done wherever they are. All they need is a decent computer, a fast Internet connection, and the right online collaboration tool.

Herewith this article, I want to guide you to one promising tool that can help you manage your entire business – in the cloud (or on premise, as you wish): TeamWox

What is TeamWox?

TeamWox (the latest version is TeamWox SaaS 2.0) is an online enterprise management system. The groupware system is integrated with HRM, CRM, task management, service desk and IP PBX suites.

As I mentioned above, TeamWox comes with two flavors: SaaS and On-premise.

TeamWox SaaS

With TeamWox SaaS, you can enjoy what the cloud can offer you; your business doesn’t need to invest in hardware and software. All you need to do is sign-up and everything will be provisioned and managed for you – that’s all: Simple and straightforward. You don’t have to worry about taking care of the hardware and software; you can focus to what’s important: Your business!

TeamWox On-premise

You can host your TeamWox groupware software on your own IT system. To start using TeamWox, you only need to download the software, install the software in 10 minutes, and you are ready to benefit from TeamWox!

Why TeamWox?

With TeamWox you can expect your company to be more efficient, better-coordinated and faster in responding to changes in your business. Indeed, TeamWox solves one major problem every businesses has: The inefficiency in getting things done across various business apps.

Businesses are typically using telephones, emails and instant messaging to get things done. Problem solving is a real hassle as everyone in your business needs to go back and forth; check the previous emails, check the chat transcript, and many other activities to track and solve the issue. It’s ineffective and inefficient – other than losing time doing so, you can actually lost important details that can make a real difference.

With TeamWox, everything is centralized and visible; you and your team members can address the issues and everyone can get updates about the progress. Everything is tracked – so, no more losing important details! Progress reports can be provided in a snap, so that you can make a well-informed decision based on the latest updates. No more going back-and-forth and waste your most valuable resource: Time.


You can start benefiting from TeamWox for free.

Indeed, you can use TeamWox SaaS with full functionality for free for the first 2 months. Then you can continue your subscription for $15/user/month.

For TeamWox On-premise, you can use the software for free up to 10 users. For Government organizations, there are 67% discounts; for educational institutions, TeamWox offers unlimited access at no cost.


TeamWox features are powerful. Let’s take IP PBX TeamWox. With the feature, you can arrange PBX for handling internal and external phone calls, including call forwarding, interactive voice menu, and secure audio-conference – right from your TeamWox dashboard.

TeamWox can also be embeddable in your business website. TeamWox chat module allows your website visitors to chat with TeamWox users. It has a spam protection mechanism, and, of course, chat transcripts are automatically generated and stored in the system.

With everything a company need is provided by TeamWox, you can expect your business to be more productive and easier to manage. I recommend you to give TeamWox a try, as it’s risk free – the On-premise software is downloadable and you can continue or stop using it as you wish; the TeamWox SaaS also offer you such flexibility.

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