Cloud Business Trends in Automotive Industry

cloud automotive trendsAutomotive industry is the heaven for cloud-based technology. Along with green technology advances, cloud technology advances in automotive industry are the keys in the industry progress.

Ranging from GPS system to vehicle tracking system to monitoring vehicle stats using top OBDII scan tools for cars, cloud computing allows businesses in automotive to deliver better and offer more. Just like what was mentioned by CloudTweaks, automobiles will soon be connected to everything and anything in the cloud.

What automotive cloud trends we should be aware of?

SaaS manufacturing

In car manufacturing, cloud solutions are gaining ground. SaaS manufacturing, despite still lagging behind on-premise solutions, is growing significantly. For instance, in 2010, Plex – the first SaaS cloud vendor initially targeting the automotive industry – posted a record 27 percent increase in revenue; a strong growth compared to what on-premise vendors are experiencing: Losing licensing sales, as reported by Software Advice.

Migrating dealers to the cloud

Management-wise, the automotive manufacturers themselves are migrating to the cloud. Recently, Toyota Australia, partnering with Fujitsu, releases an update that they will offer a cloud-based management system for its 200 car dealers, nationwide. The migration of existing dealers to Fujitsu data centers will take four month to complete.

Migrating business operations to the cloud

Cloud accounting and cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) are also the new catchphrases in automotive businesses. For instance, Just Right Auto Sales, an Atlanta-based automotive financing company, is partnering with Cbeyond for cloud communication, cloud backup and cloud hosting, as well as hosting accounting and customer data in the cloud (read the news here) – a move that will significantly reduce their US$3,000 a month on-site server costs.

The cloud is here to stay – automotive businesses are ready to tap into the cloud, and whether you like it or not, everything related to automotive will be connected to the cloud.

Any cloud trends in automotive industry to share? If so, please share yours by commenting on this blog post.

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  • We forward thinkers in the Automotive Industry believe this will be a lot bigger than the cloud as we know it. I have written a blog post on it here. Some great ideas have come out of it.

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