RSA enhances Cloud Security by Launching Single Sign-On and Compliance Profiling Service

cloud computing securityRSA, one of the leading security solution providers for business, helps the cloud to be more secure by launching Single Sign-On – a service that help businesses to minimize password management in accessing to cloud services – and Compliance Profiling Service – a cloud service provider benchmarking system.

As more businesses are targeting the cloud computing market (I don’t blame them – it’s booming!) end users can enjoy more solutions to make their life easier. However, despite being beneficial, signing up with several cloud business solutions means you need to manage login details to the cloud services. Mismanaging the secure access credentials can impact your business cloud security.

RSA saw an opportunity in those cloud security issues, and finally launch two cloud business services: Single Sign-On and Compliance Profiling Service (more details about the launch from this article.)

RSA Single Sign-On

The Single Sign-On, built based on VMWare’s virtualization technologies, enables businesses to access their subscribed cloud services securely using a single login detail. So yes, no more managing many of passwords (many passwords means more risks of compromised data security.)

The concept itself is not new – it has been applied to remote access (e.g. accessing your home or office PC from anywhere.) Incorporating RSA SecurID technology, the concept is brought to the cloud.

RSA Compliance Profiling Service

The Compliance Profiling Service allows businesses to benchmark their subscribed cloud business service providers to the industries’ best practices (defined by industry organizations, such as the Cloud Security Alliance.)

How can RSA’s services help your business

The two RSA security services benefit both end users and cloud service providers.

Businesses can confidently use multiple cloud services without the fear of compromised cloud computing security. For cloud service providers, the security services bring them an opportunity to offer more cloud solutions to businesses, as businesses will trust the cloud more with the help of cloud security services, such as RSA’s.

What do you think of the cloud security solutions? Will they do any good? Please share your opinion by commenting on this blog post.

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