Cloud Business News Roundup: February 7 – 13, 2011

cloud businessDo you dare – or do you dare not to run your business in the cloud? This issue is raised by Daryl Plummer, a Gartner managing VP and research fellow, writing for – also the main highlight of this week in the cloud ending on February 13, 2011.

As more and more enterprises benefit from the cloud, some decision makers are still reluctant in adopting the cloud for their business. The main culprit of their reluctance is due to risks related to cloud computing, mainly issues on security, privacy and integration between the cloud and the existing IT technologies.

However, changes are inevitable; we are probably unaware that we are quickly being led to the cloud, simply because it’s more efficient and effective doing things on the cloud. You watch on-demand movie on the cloud; you backup your data on the cloud; you meet friends, colleagues and clients on the cloud. Now, take that more personal approaches to the cloud a step further; how about running your business in the cloud?

As daunting as it might be, the cloud has changed the world, and today is probably the right time to jump into the bandwagon – or else, your competitors might have done and benefit from it.

Here are some other interesting news on cloud business computing:

Cloud connector from VMware can bring the hybrid cloud computing straight to your home

EMC VMware has just announced a free cloud connector plug-in and hosted services that can help delivering the hybrid cloud solutions – providing a link to connect internal cloud (private cloud) and external cloud (public cloud), not only to businesses, but also to homes for personal uses. The VMware cloud connector will be available next month.

The cloud is well-advertised

The cloud is so promising for both cloud vendors and end users, that there are cloud business ads that make it as a Super Bowl commercial. Microsoft also has launched controversial and much-criticized TV commercials promoting its cloud solutions, aiming to educate viewers about cloud computing while trying to win business from them. Be warned, though, as the advertisements are hiding some cold hard truth about the cloud failure scare stories, such as missing stored data on the cloud and cloud account hacking.

Rackspace Hosting is a hot business today – thanks to the cloud

Rackspace Hosting Inc., one of the leading cloud business solution providers, enjoys a 50 percent increase in fourth-quarter net income in 2010. Their revenue increased by 27 percent to US$214.7 million, and Rackspace is not showing a sign of slowing down; Rackspace is launching new cloud-based services on regular basis, and they are on-demand by both businesses and individuals.

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