Cloud Image Editing Service: Pixlr Review

pixlrI am a long-time user of Pixlr, an online cloud-based image tools. Whether you are a pro web or graphic designer or a regular user like the rest of us, Pixlr can free you from paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollar to purchase an image editing desktop software license.

In fact, Pixlr is a free service. It is web-based, and you can access the full features of the Photoshop-like image editing tool with no login necessary (to compare, Adobe’s requires you to sign up.) Plain and simple. You can simply ditch your expensive and resource-intensive desktop software and edit your images on the cloud.

Pixlr review

Pixlr offer two lines of service: Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express.

Pixlr Editor allows you to access all the image editing tools – you can do almost anything Photoshop can do: Resize image, crop image, edit image, color image, etc. You can either start from scratch or open an image from your computer, an URL or an online library (images from Pixlr, Facebook, etc.)

Pixlr Express allows you to access the “light version” of Pixlr Editor. It loads faster but tools are limited. You can open an image from your computer or from an URL, do basic editing and adjustments, as well as adding effect, and you’re done. You can’t create a new image, though.

Feature-wise, both pixlr image editing services are packed with image editing capabilities you can find in a Photoshop software.

Of course, Pixlr is not without limitations. The technology Pixlr uses is Flash, so to access the editor you must have Flash installed on your computer (no worries – 98% computer has Flash, though.) Moreover, since it’s a rather large application, loading the editor can take you a long time on a slow computer and/or poor Internet connection quality.

Obviously, there are some other choices of good online image editors. However, Pixlr stands out because the editor is faster to load and more comprehensive in features.

Here’s one of the better overviews about to give you some ideas on how this image editing tool can help you:

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