Cloud Business News Roundup: February 21 – 27, 2011

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Cloud Business Review’s highlight of the week is the article from If you are (still) wondering whether cloud computing can benefit your business, this article is for you. Garreth Bloor, MemeBurn Staff Reporter, elaborate on his article the 7 reasons why cloud computing is good for your business.

Here are the summary of the 7 advantages the cloud will bring to your business:

  1. The cloud helps businesses to reduce on-premise computers maintenance.
  2. Cloud computing, via cloud backup, helps businesses to backup their important data.
  3. Computer data storage issues are solved with cloud storage.
  4. Businesses can reduce capital expenditures by migrating to the cloud.
  5. No more software upgrade hassle as it is well taken care of by the cloud service providers.
  6. Cloud computing promotes better environmental practices.
  7. Mobile cloud industry is on the rise and it will help businesses to reach mobile-savvy prospects better.

It seems that, despite the lingering problems in cloud security and privacy, the cloud’s upsides overshadow the downsides. Still not sure? Try our Cloud Migration ROI Calculator to see whether going cloud makes sense.

Here are some other interesting cloud computing and cloud business news of the week:

Cloud printers can only benefit your small business

Get ready to say goodbye to your office printer and say hello to printing your documents on the cloud. Cloud printers offer you convenience, confidentiality, control and compatibility. Indeed, cloud printer is the future of small business. raises US$ 48 million, getting ready to take on IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and the likes, a cloud collaboration and management company, has raised US$48 million in a Series D investment round.’s goal with the funding is to turn itself into a real competitor to the other big names.

Cloud computing will boost Europe’s economy by EUR763 billion

Within the next five years, the cloud will boost the local economy by EUR763 billion. The figure is achievable, because cloud computing promotes cost savings, reduced time to market and better business development.

Go cloud!

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