Soaring with the Cloud and Budget Apps

Balancing your personal or business budget doesn’t have to be a tightrope walk.


Thanks to the Cloud and some clever budgeting apps, keeping up-to-date on your finances is easier than ever, even from your mobile device.

Here are just a few ways the Cloud and budgeting apps can make balancing your financial life a breeze:

All-Encompassing Spending History

From online purchases to mobile money to multiple credit card payments, it’s difficult to keep track of your expenses, especially on a daily level. But, with budget apps that link to the Cloud, you can keep track of all your expenditures from multiple devices.

For example, Cloud synced budget apps allow you to keep track of your daily spending as well as your family members or employees’ spending habits from your home or work computer as well as your smartphone or tablet. This helps everyone involved stay on the same budgetary track and avoids costly overspending mistakes due to miscommunication.

Fund Allocation Made Easy

One of the biggest pitfalls when budgeting is properly allocating funds based on month-to-month necessity.

Budgeting apps help move your money around based on past spending and saving habits, which takes the guesswork out of balancing your budget.

Add to that the everywhere capability of the Cloud and your budgeting efforts become even more streamlined.

How? Well, when budget apps are synced to the Cloud, allocating your funds occurs simultaneously across multiple devices.

So, whether you decide to shift some savings into your checking account or reallocate funds into multiple business accounts, everyone involved will know where the finances are and more importantly, where they aren’t.

Money Management Features

When it comes to your personal and business budget, Cloud synced budgeting apps will make you feel like you have a finance manager at your side everywhere you go.

So, with automated tasks in mind, can your money management app do this?

• Track Bank Statements – If your budget app doesn’t keep track of your bank statements, then you’re missing out. Many Cloud based budget apps can send your bank statements to all of your devices. This is great for downloading and filing purposes on a personal and business level.

• Rollover Balances – Not all budgeting apps are built the same, but there are Cloud based budget apps on the market that automatically carry over your monthly and daily balances across all of your devices. With comprehensive balance monitoring like this, you’ll never overdraw your account again.

• Customize Finances – There are plenty of Cloud based budget apps available that make customizing your budget as easy as opening a savings account. And, thanks to the Cloud, every time you update and customize your app, other associated Cloud users will benefit from the budgetary changes.

• Produce Charts and Graphs – Many of the Cloud based apps on the market produce easy-to-read graphs and charts on your daily, monthly, and yearly spending habits that you can then share with other need-to-know Cloud users.

Financial Security

One question on everybody’s mind when it comes to finances and computing is security.

Cloud service providers take pride in making sure their equipment is virus-free and has the most up-to-date security and firewall software. So, with Cloud synced budgeting apps, you can rest-assured your finances are safe and secure on all of your devices.

When the Cloud and budget apps join forces, it makes handling your finances a much easier budgetary task.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including personal health and technology.

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