How This Stuff Named ‘Cloud Computing’ Operates?

After reading this article it would be clear to you that how the concept of cloud computing works and why it has gained the interests of technology users across the globe.


Suppose that you are an executive manager in a large organization that is already working with a large number of employees. Every employee has a proper PC and necessary software is properly installed on their systems or not, being a manager ensuring this is one of your tasks. Depending upon the future business requirements of your organization you have to recruit more and more employees several times. It would be quite stressful for you to provide proper arrangements to your employees and won’t let you sleep freely.

For this, you need to look for an alternative that can help you to reduce your stress by providing an easy solution related
to your extra work. According to latest technological advancements in IT industry, concept of cloud computing can present the best possible alternative for executives like you. Since, cloud computing simplifies the task of installing a software suite on every system of the organization by providing a solution that can allow the employees to run the required software application on their system just by logging into a web-based service. This web-based service is very similar to the web e-mail services that you use such as Gmail, Hotmail etc.

Every required program is hosted on this web-based service and the users can easily run these programs on their computers. Certain remote machines are used to install all the required software applications as a web-service. All software applications, of user or clients’ interest, installed on the remote machines are together known as web-server. This web-server is also referred as cloud environment. Remote machines and the clo
ud environment generated by using these machines are owned by another company who is known as a service provider of this web-based service. This owner company provides the hosted programs on the remote machines as a lease service to the organizations those need to have cloud services.

This is how by renting out these remote machines from the owner company and asking to load all necessary software applications on these machines can ease down your burden.

Cloud is better than its competitor technologies

This not only, reduce the work load but it also saves a lot of your money. You just need to pay a fix amount for a fixed time period to the owner company and after that you can use the web-services according to your requirements.

Now, it won’t stress you out very often whenever you have to do arrangements in your organization for new employees. It just needs a reasonable amount of payment and that is totally scalable, the service provider doe
sn’t increase and decrease the service charges according to the varying demand.

Cloud’s implementation is also much easier in comparison to its competitor technologies. It hardly needs few minutes to start the functioning of whole system.

Due to the above mentioned significant characteristics cloud computing is emerging as one of the most hunted technologies in present business scenario.

By Aditi Tyagi

About the Author: Aditi Tyagi, Editor-in-chief at MyRealData loves to write about QuickBooks Hosting and her keyboards spend most of the time in describing how cloud hosting is changing the way accountants and other business professionals work. When she is not writing about the ‘cloud’, she spends her leisure time reading novels.

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