5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting You’ll Go Crazy About

cloudhostingYou’ll definitely be on cloud nine once you realize just how beneficial private cloud hosting can be. Yes, you have most likely heard snippets of these fantastic offerings that only private cloud hosting can give. But learning about them in detail will provide you that sneak peek into this technology’s beautiful entirety. After all, a lot of companies don’t really want to share the bandwidth, data space, CPU, and other features of a cloud with other websites and IT facilities. Hence, they opt for the private option.

Fasten your seatbelt now and get ready to be inspired and enticed with thee top 5 benefits of private cloud hosting!

Favorable Scalability

At the beginning, you may not need a lot of the features that a private cloud can give. However, if you are already envisioning your business to grow bigger in the future, you ought to start right by going for the private cloud hosting option. In this light, you know that whichever direction you intend to go to or whichever path you set foot on, your cloud will follow. It’s designed and equipped to grow with your business, unlike a public cloud which will often have a lot of limits.

Valuable Security

If you’re all alone working inside an office, do you think there’s a great chance that something can get stolen or broken? It seems unlikely, unless an intruder somehow gets in. But since you have the authority to choose the kind of lock and alarm to use for protection, then it’s easier to keep out those prowlers. The same goes in a private cloud technology. You have no other business to share your space with. Thus, you can pick out the security you like, install and upgrade a state-of-the-art anti-virus software, or manage your programs without interference or interruption from others. You can surely keep all of your data safe.

Enhanced Redundancy

In a public cloud, redundancy is easy. When one server hits bottom ground or takes a downhill plunge, you don’t have to go into panic because the data will surely be transferred to the other one. So how can private cloud hosting compete? Well, since you’re in charge of all decisions here, you can actually enjoy enhanced redundancy because you get to enjoy full control of your IT environments. You must therefore use this to your advantage by ensuring the certainty and effectiveness of your redundancy setup. This way, you won’t risk losing data at all.

Impressive Cost-Effectiveness

Some people may try to drive you away from the wonders of private clouds because they’ll claim that it’s too expensive. But then, it’s even more costly if your website ends up getting hacked and destroyed. It’s also pricier if you will need to incorporate maintenance and upgrade fees into your regular expenditures. When you’ve availed of private cloud hosting, you can enjoy upkeep freebies while you’re “renting”.

Elimination of Dedicated Servers

Instead of spending a lot for an actual dedicated server that you will set up in your very office, doesn’t it seem more practical to subscribe to a remote data center with a space or cloud that’s only yours? With a private cloud, you enjoy the same form of jurisdiction and freedom along with the other benefits of dedicated servers. However, private cloud hosting offers a nice bonus— a much lower total for overall costs due to absence of maintenance and upgrade needs.

With these remarkable benefits, it’s already a given that companies rave about private cloud hosting and have reported a multitude of great results because of it.

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