Why Global Business Leaders Are Making Cloud Computing A Priority

businessmanCloud computing is helping many businesses improve efficiency and offer higher quality services to their clients. Many SMEs are taking advantage of it, but cloud computing is particularly useful to multinational companies. A 2012 survey conducted by Cisco and Forbes Insights found that executives from many transnational companies are making cloud computing a priority.

There are a number of reasons global businesses feel cloud computing should be a priority. Here are some of the advantages global executives highlighted in the recent survey. You will want to consider these benefits and think about how you can incorporate this technology into your own business.

Implement Solutions More Quickly

Nearly two-thirds of the participants in the survey stated that cloud computing helped their companies develop solutions more quickly. The percentage of executives who led companies that were established leaders in their field who felt this way was even higher.

More than four out of five industry leaders said cloud computing helped their companies attain business results in less time. There are two main reasons it helps them meet deadlines:

  • They can take advantage of more resources to complete projects.
  • They can work across time zones so projects are being completed 24 hours a day.

Companies are under more pressure than ever to meet strict deadlines. Utilizing cloud resources could be a great way for them to reach their goals more quickly.

Sparks Innovation

Approximately six out of ten executives said that cloud computing helps companies become more innovative. That figure was significantly higher among industry leaders. Nearly 19 out of 20 executives who were seen as leaders in their field said cloud computing is an effective way to foster innovation.

How does cloud technology spur innovation? One benefit is that it allows employees to collaborate with people with complementary skills. One employee may be very creative but have difficulty being organized enough to reach their goals. They may benefit from using the cloud to connect with an employee who has a knack for developing the framework to bring their ideas to life.

Collaborate Across Borders More Easily

One of the primary benefits of the cloud is that you can use it to work closely with people across the world. Employees in the United States, India, Pakistan and Spain may all have very different roles. They also have different perspectives, backgrounds and education.

The cloud allows these people to talk to each other in real time. This allows them to create a closer relationship with each other and work more efficiently.

Cloud Computing Benefits Global Companies

The most successful global business leaders are constantly looking for new ways to be more efficient and productive. They have realized that they can improve the quality of their business models by leveraging cloud computing.

Many small and medium sized businesses will learn from this survey. They may be able to operate more efficiently by collaborating with people in other parts of the world. You may want to consider using it to improve efficiency, innovation and employee engagement in your own business.

About the Author: Kalen is an entrepreneur and former engineer who has worked on six different technology startups. He is also a freelance technology and business writer who writes about developments in cloud computing and their implications for businesses. He wants people to know that Togglebox has cheap cloud server hosting they may want to take advantage of.

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