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Cloud computing is the new wave of the future. Companies all over are recognizing the benefits of cloud computing and are using the technology to save money, increase productivity, and improve mobility of its workforce. Since so many brands are using cloud computing, it is helpful to know which companies recognize its value. Here are some companies that you know and love that use cloud computing.
1. Amazon
This Seattle-based company was founded in 1994 and is one of the pioneers of cloud computing. They offer and use virtual servers and data storage space. Cloud computing is so integrated into the Amazon way that the name is almost synonymous with the new technology. Jeff Bezos is Amazon’s founder, and he was previously a financial analyst. 
Because of his ingenuity, people can shop with Amazon on their tablets, on their laptops, and on their cell phones. Thousands of individual users, small businesses, and enterprises use Amazon and benefit from its ability to offer cloud computing services and also to run a successful business through the website. 
2. AT&T 
AT&T offers numerous services including application hosting through Synaptic Hosting. This company also uses cloud computing for customer service and other applications to improve productivity. AT&T has found that this makes their employees more productive. With increased productivity, companies become more profitable. AT&T provides application services to customers in more than 30 different countries. 
3. Google 
Google is a household brand and name. Google offers many applications to customers that operate in the cloud. These popular sites include Gmail, Talk, Docs, Sites, and Calendar. These types of cloud computing applications make it easy to collaborate and communicate with people all over the world. Google has improved efficiency in business by allowing people the ability to access documents from any location in any place in the world. Mobile devices and Internet connections make this possible. 
4. operates in the cloud and has been for 10 years. Many people host their applications through The applications help companies improve efficiency and productivity in their sales and customer service departments. Applications may also help with development process. is a brand that enterprises have come to know and embrace. 
5. Verizon
Verizon offers cloud services and also operates some of its critical applications in the cloud. The computing infrastructure and network pipes located between the cloud and customer are its specialty. The applications hosted in the cloud help the company remain competitive in the telecommunications world. 
6. Netflix
Netflix uses cloud resources to offer its customers shows and movies on-demand. This company grew in popularity because of the convenience and the cost of the movies offered. With Netflix, people can watch television with only an Internet connection and a computer or other Internet and browser-capable device. 
7. Xerox
Xerox offers its customers the ability to print documents in the cloud. This allows people to access printers outside of their own network and use it to get much needed documents. The complexity of this process is not apparent to the user.

About the Author: There are very few things in life that Sam is grateful for, one of those things is cloud computer. It has drastically lowered the amount of time it takes to handle his support tickets. When he’s not busy with solving real world tech problems for companies, he’s out on the lake or in his garage playing around with some of his own inventions. 

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