Cloud Computing and Social Media

socialmediacloudFor those who are wondering about what all this Cloud talk is these days, Cloud computing provides several benefits to small businesses.

From reducing costs by eliminating the need for in-house hardware and software, to providing a wide choice of applications and universal access, the Cloud is a perfect solution for cash-strapped small companies.

But how can Cloud computing companies get the word out to these smaller firms about this useful tool? Social media may be the perfect choice.

Here are a few ways Cloud hosting companies can raise awareness:

Educating Potential Clients

According to the latest Brother International Small Business Survey, only 28% of small business owners fully understand the concept of Cloud computing. Thirty-five percent said they only use the Cloud for data storage, and 42% don’t use the Cloud at all.

Further, research group Techaisle performed a study that found that business owners who refused Cloud services did so over concerns about maintaining ownership of their data. They’re also concerned about security of sensitive data.

This means that Cloud hosts have a big job ahead of them: dispelling confusion and myths that small business owners have about Cloud solutions, and reassuring them about security issues. There are a few ways Cloud companies could go about this.

They could post a myth-busting series of facts to Twitter or Facebook, or create a series of videos for YouTube. YouTube is also ideal for posting general informative videos, explaining the Cloud, its features, and how it can help small businesses do their jobs more efficiently and for less money.

Promoting Benefits

This point goes hand-in-hand with the previous one: Along with educating business owners about what the Cloud is, and dispelling myths, cloud hosts need to point out the benefits of the Cloud.

With such a low percentage of small companies fully understanding Cloud computing, it’s unlikely most of them realize how the Cloud can save them money and help them streamline their businesses.

Cloud hosts need to explain these benefits in a clear, engaging way if they want to get more small businesses on board.

Answering Customer Questions

With so much confusion surrounding Cloud computing, answering questions from business owners can go a long way toward building trust and engagement.

There are several ways you can find and answer questions from potential clients:

* Host a Twitter chat for customers to get their questions answered, using a keyword hashtag;
* Make periodic Q & A posts on Facebook, and set a time period when someone will be available to provide immediate answers;
* Create a series of YouTube videos that creatively address common or customer-submitted questions.

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your business, and Cloud hosting is the perfect candidate for social network marketing.

By raising awareness and educating business owners about their options, the benefits of Cloud computing, and the different types of Cloud available, hosting companies can boost their customer base and help gain wider acceptance of their services.

About the Author: Freelance blogger and copywriter Angie Mansfield tackles a range of topics for small business owners. Her work has covered issues from business management, to marketing, to choosing the right financial software.

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