The Benefits Of Integrating Salesforce With Your Present CRM

In this ever changing world, it is important for a business to keep right up to date with the changes in technology as otherwise they risk falling behind.

One way to do this is to look at updating the firm’s CRM and this blog looks at some of the main benefits of Salesforce integration with a firm’s current CRM system.

Why Salesforce CRM?

Many large companies and corporations have already adopted Salesforce for their organization as it is a great way to streamline services and keep on top of everything from tracking sales to managing customer service efficiently. It often results in a quick improvement on sales and improvements to a firm’s marketing and tech teams.

Meet Customers’ Expectations

A great feature of Salesforce is that it can be used for searching through social media platforms for customer complaints or issues that they raise, before they even get to the stage of contacting you.

In this way, information can be provided to your customer service staff so they know the kind of queries that they are likely to receive when a customer does ring to complain or voice a concern.

This not only helps build a reputation of great customer service for your business, but also cuts down the length of time staff require to chase certain issues.

Caters To The Individuals Need

One of the main problems with CRM systems is the fact that staff often seem reluctant when it comes to using it.

Whether this is due to lack of training or confidence in the system itself, or because they simply do not appreciate the benefits such a system can offer them, it is an important consideration to bear in mind.

By opting for Salesforce integration, you are catering to everyone’s needs as it provides a number of platforms to operate with.

Big Or Small It Makes No Difference

Another advantage of Salesforce integration is that it does not really matter about the size of your business as it is perfectly adaptable to your needs. If you are a small firm you may find it easy to integrate into your systems with only one or two part time programmers on board.

Up And Running Quick And Easy

Another benefit of the use of Saleforce, is the fact that it can be installed in no time whatsoever. No need to spend months implementing new software to your business as Saleforce is a cloud computing programme.

Many firms are reluctant to change things in their company as they fear a change in IT systems may cause significant down time, which is not a concern when it comes to Salesforce integration however.

AppExchange Directory

Another significant advantage of Salesforce is the opportunity to gain access to the AppExchange directory which offers literally hundreds of components to improve your business.

If you are looking to take your business in the right direction then, it is well worth investigating the use of Salesforce and the advantages of integrating it with your current CRM system.

About the Author: Louisa Jenkins ia CRM expert who offers advice to businesses considering Salesforce integration to improve their services.

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