More High Profile Keynote Speakers Join Cloud World Forum 2013: Spotify’s CTO and NASA’s CIO

If you are closely involved in cloud computing, either as a vendor or user, the 2013 Cloud World Forum which will be held in London, UK, 26th-27th June 2013 is a must-visit.

The seminar agendas are developed to address issues surrounding the latest developments in the cloud computing industry. There will be high profile names joining as keynote speakers.

Cloud World Forum has recently published a press release announcing the 2 latest keynote speakers for the 5th annual global cloud conference: Spotify and NASA.

Oskar Stal, Spotify’s CTO and Adrian Gardner, NASA’s CIO will join forces with the already-confirmed keynote speakers, such as Jeff Jaffe, World Wide Web Consortium’s CEO, and Jeff Barr, AWS’ Chief Evangelist.

cloudwf event 2013

What you can learn from Oskar Stal and Adrian Gardner

Oskar Stal leads the tech team at cloud-powered Spotify since late-2009 – he understands the inside out of the operational of the world’s largest music streaming service.

Adrian Gardner – CIO of NASA since mid-2010 – is responsible for providing NASA with everything that can effectively and securely support management, science, research, and technology programs, as well as developing, implementing, and operating specialised IT systems to support NASA mission planning and operation.

Spotify’s bread and butter is its big data; with 15 million song library, accessed by 25 million users worldwide, the cloud plays an important role in keeping every song accessible, reliable and secure.

NASA, in the other hand, is a true adopter of the cloud: From infrastructure to research, everything is supported by Nebula, NASA’s own cloud platform.

Why you should attend the Cloud World Forum 2013

It’s an event where you can tap the latest trend in cloud computing. The cloud’s who’s who will offer presentations and panel discussions; there will be over 200 industry experts who share their cloud know-how across 8 theatres, along with more than 150 exhibitors to showcase what the cloud can offer visitors.

The cloud event is free to attend and expected to be attended by more than 5,000 tech professional.

For registration information, please contact Lindsay Howells at or visit

For other cloud conferences this year, please visit our 2013 Cloud Conference listing page.

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