Cloud Conferences You should Follow in 2013

cloud world forum 2013Ah – cloud computing conferences and expos… you just can’t get enough of them. Not only they create so much buzz with the latest developments in cloud computing, they also act as melting pots for cloud experts and evangelists to pitch for ideas and uncover great tips and trends surrounding cloud computing issues.

Just like in the previous years, 2013 is nothing different: There are cloud conferences you should follow – even better, attend – this year.

It’s no longer a secret today that cloud computing plays a major role in your business growth and survivability; rest assured, the role is becoming more and more significant as issues hindering cloud adoption are addressed along the cloud journey.

As more individuals, professionals and business owners are becoming aware of the pros and cons of the cloud, the role of cloud events are even more prominent in 2013. Issues such as cloud security and data governance will be on top of mind of business owners and professionals.

There will definitely be dozens – if not hundreds – of worth-following cloud conferences happening throughout 2013. If you are considering tapping on the pulse of the industry, check out this list of 2013 cloud conferences; please note the list will be constantly updated – and you may suggest an expo to be added to the list, too!

Recommended cloud conferences

Of course, there are cloud conferences that will be much hyped in 2013. One of them is the 5th Annual Cloud World Forum in London, UK (June 26-27, 2013.)

The massive event will feature 220+ speakers to gain insight from and 150+ global cloud service providers you can consider singing up with for your business needs. It’s free to attend, with certain perks will obviously be available for paid pass holders. With more than 5,000 attendees worldwide, Cloud World Forum is indeed one of the most well-sought-after cloud events in 2013.

Another major event you should consider attending and/or following is the 12th International Cloud Expo that will take place in Javits Center, New York City, USA, June 10-13, 2013. The expo focuses on two major trends in Enterprise IT: Cloud computing and big data. Both will converge and be featured in the Cloud Expo.

The third well-sought after event is Cloud Connect. The events will include cloud conferences and exhibitions for tech people. In 2013, Cloud Connect events will be held in Silicon Valley, USA (April 2-5, 2013,) Chicago, USA (October 21-24, 2013,) and Bengaluru, India (May 23-24, 2013.)’

Any cloud conferences to suggest?

Of course, there will be many more cloud conferences worldwide other than mentioned above. If you have any suggestions, please share your any cloud conferences you know by leaving a comment on this post or just click “Add to List” button found on the list above.

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