KeyedIn Business Management SaaS: A Review

keyedinDo you think you are ready to adopt the cloud? If so, think again. Why? The cloud, despite the benefits it can bring to your business, is risky – especially if you are using the cloud without proper understanding and guidance.

Perhaps you have been pitched my numerous cloud services and solutions, telling you that their products can help your business to cut costs and improve productivity. While those are some of the perks offered by the cloud, they are not always the case.

Indeed, cloud-enable your IT can cost you more, as well as actually reducing your productivity. Why? Well, there are numerous reasons, but here is one, major, reason: You sign up with too many cloud services with too many cloud providers; you have no clue what you are going to do with all those clouds!

Yes, it’s easy and often affordable (even free!) to adopt the cloud, especially if it doesn’t involve integration with your existing IT. It’s tempting for you to sign up with too many cloud service providers. Going back and forth from one service to another is counter-productive.

What you need is someone who will be your cloud partner; someone who will take you by hand in your adoption process.

If you are currently looking for that someone, you might want to look for a company like KeyedIn.

Why KeyedIn?

KeyedIn offers a holistic solution for your business. Not only cloud solutions, they also offer business consulting. Indeed, both SaaS and consulting are KeyedIn’s core business. Let’s talk a bit about both.

SaaS Solutions

Unlike some other SaaS solution providers, KeyedIn offers true cloud solutions: Zero client (nothing to install locally,) multi-tenant (everyone runs on the same software,) configured (no custom coding to meet your needs, upgrade/downgrade at will,) and web access (completely online, accessible everywhere.)

Indeed, the apps are provisioned right from the cloud, allowing you to work online, anytime, anywhere.

KeyedIn has 4 distinct solutions: KeyedInProjects, KeyedInFlex, KeyedInSign and KeyedInJobShop

Solution highlight: KeyedInProjects

The main feature of KeyedIn’s SaaS solutions is KeyedInProjects. KeyedIn Project Management Software is specifically designed to help you improve project and service delivery for businesses of all sizes.

Just like any reputable online project management software on the market, KeyedInProjects offers you a dashboard from where you can monitor every aspect of your business – especially projects, programs, service delivery lifecycle – in real time.

The main difference between KeyedIn and the rest is the fact that your business can get things done through a top-down, strategy-led approach or bottom-up, execution-based approach. KeyedInProjects can accommodate everything.

Niche-specific solutions

Are you involved in software development? If so, KeyedInFlex is a development platform for you: Utilizing RAD (Rapid Application Development) methodologies, you can improve workflows in such a way that you can build and deploy web apps quickly via drag-and-drop – and track everything from one, single cloud-based dashboard.

If you are in manufacturing, KeyedInJobShop cloud business management software can get you to the cloud in record time. CRM, cost estimation, project management, accounting, reporting, etc. – all can be done using the solution. Going niche, if you are involved in signage business, you might want to consider KeyedInSign.

For more information, check out KeyedIn SaaS solutions page.

My test-drive

My area of interest has always been project management, so I choose to sign up with KeyedInProjects for the 15-day free trial to see things closely.

First off, provisioning the service takes only minutes. Once you fill in your and your company details, you will soon get activation email. Once you activated your account by clicking on the link, your account is created in seconds. You will then get another email briefing you with what you need to do to get started.

Once you log yourself in, you will need to accept the TOS and change your password. This is a good way to start using any cloud services – set things clear and secure everything right from the start; unfortunately not many prioritize on them.

If this is your first-time visit, you will be presented with overview videos menu, where you can start learning to use KeyedInProjects from the helpful video tutorials.


Everything is pretty straightforward: You can converse with your team via “Posts,” manage tasks, monitor deliverables, request for changes, and so on.

The great thing with the free trial is the fact that the dashboard comes with “dummy” data (the “Arnesby Bank Implementation”,) showing you how to do things by examples. I strongly recommend you to make use of the free trial option.

Once you are familiar with the layout and features, then you can start working on real projects.


I find KeyedIn task management solution is pretty intuitive. The layout is clean and crisp, link to assistance – via phone and email – and video tutorials can be seen everywhere.

Feature-wise, KeyedIn doesn’t lack any; Managing projects, schedules, contact, and so on… everything to ensure you and your team work on the right tasks and issues.

The only reservation I have with KeyedIn software is the fact that I don’t have the ability to brand the dashboard with my company logo. But that’s just cosmetic to me; perhaps adding a feature to brand the solution can appeal more potential clients.

I would also like for KeyedIn to be make plans and pricing public; I understand that prices can be misleading, as similar pricing with competitors doesn’t mean that the level of service being offered is also similar. But it can give potential customers a rough idea about what they will get at that price.

If you want a comprehensive project management, especially when you are in manufacturing industry, KeyedIn is the right cloud solution for you. I’ve tried many project management software, and I think KeyedIn is one of the top-tiered project management solution.

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