Benefit from Monitoring Critical Servers from the Cloud

cloud server monitoringYou spend far too much time every day dealing with all the project work assigned to you, answering user questions and working your ticket queue, updating your daily status reports, and all the other things that just seem to suck all the time out of your day. Trying to keep up manually with all the systems you are responsible for on top of all the other tasks means things are going to slip through the cracks – and most servers will only get attention from you when things fall down and go boom. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Cloud-based server monitoring can help you change from reactive to proactive when it comes to your server, keeping a watchful eye on all your systems and alerting you to things that need attention with the minimum amount of effort needed to get it set up and to keep it running.

Cloud-based server monitoring is quick and easy to set up. You won’t need a project plan and a series of daily meetings with the PMO to get things up and running. All you need to do to try it out is to create a test account and install an agent on the systems you want to monitor. No firewall changes, no complicated maintenance windows, no scrambling for rack space and trying to get an IP address assigned. You can get things started while you’re eating lunch at your desk.

Once you have cloud-based server monitoring started, the next step is to decide what needs to be monitored. The best offerings scan your hardware and configure your monitoring tool based on your actual infrastructure. This puts you in the position of being able to monitor just what you should on each system, without any extra effort. Of course, you can tailor and configure things to your heart’s content later but you can literally be up and running with full functionality in minutes.

Knowledge is power, and you want to know what is going on before the boss calls to ask why things are slow. Cloud-based server monitoring can alert you in a variety of ways, including a web-based dashboard you can keep on a big screen and email and text message alerts to keep you in the know when you are away from your desk. With cloud-based server monitoring, you’ll always know just what is going on.

Furthermore, with distributed networks, mobile workforces, and your desire to maximize your own efficiency, cloud-based server monitoring empowers you to monitor all of your servers no matter where they are and provides you with the information you need no matter where you are, whether that be a conference room, training class, remote office or even the golf course or the beach. You’ll always be in the know because cloud-based server monitoring keeps you informed and on top of things.

Your IT team needs cloud-based server monitoring, so go sign up for a trial today and get your key servers monitored in a few minutes. You can do it during that 15:00 status call, and by the time you go home, you’ll be done – you might even get home earlier. Cloud-based server monitoring is the next application you want to add to your network. The benefits are obvious.

About the Author: This guest post was provided by Mark Williams on behalf of GFI Software Ltd.

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