A Girl’s Guide To Using the Cloud

cloud computing guide

Keeping up with technology as a woman can be kind of difficult. We have to get our nails done. We need to make sure our make-up and hair are in check. Life can be so hard being a girl!

Have you ever considered what would happen to your precious photos if your phone broke or if your computer crashed? Sure the photos may be on Facebook, but Facebook lowers the quality of most of the photos uploaded to the site, therefore it’s an unreliable backup source.

How are you going to protect your photos when you are always on the go? The Cloud is going to be your new best friend! The Cloud is a virtual backup program for all of your digital belongings. It allows you to access your information from anywhere. Learn how to use the basics of the Cloud to protect your information, and you will have made a huge step in technology!

Setting Up Your Cloud Account

First you have to set up your Cloud account. This will only take you a few seconds. Figure out how much space you want for storage and set up your subscription. Once you are set up, you can start adding files and photographs to your account. It’s as simple as dropping the files into a folder on your desktop linked to your Cloud, your Cloud provider’s app, or uploading them directly to the provider’s website. You can use whichever method of backup, but not all providers have mobile apps for backing up files.

You can access your files from any device that has access to the internet once you are set up. You will no longer need to carry around USB devices to print out reports for work. You can easily log-on to any device and your files and photos will be right in front of your eyes!


It’s important to organize your files so you can quickly access them. For photos, name folders by date or event so you can go back to them for reference in seconds rather than minutes. Keep your school work separated from your career work and your personal life. In the event that you need to quickly access a file to send, you don’t want to accidentally send a file to your boss that is about drinking.

Back-Up Frequently

When it comes to anything important from your phone, like contacts and photographs, you should stay on top of backing it up. It will be heartbreaking if you lose photos from a trip or if you lose all of your contacts in the event that your phone is broken.

The same holds true for school projects and work reports. You don’t want to spend your entire night working and lose the work you committed hours to.

Contact Your Provider

Contact your provider if you have any questions or concerns. Customer service will assist you with anything you need help with. That’s what they are there for, after all! They may even know shortcuts for you to access your files even more quickly, so take notes on what they have to say.

About the Author: Nora Dyer is a small business owner and will try almost anything if it’ll promise to benefit her business. She started using virtual servers from ProfitBricks to enhance her company and couldn’t be happier now using the cloud.

Image by Ed Yourdon

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