Why Cloud is Reliable and Safe?

cloud safety and reliabilitySome of the biggest multinational companies like Citibank and Sony are the recent victims of data breaches. When data breach can happen to huge companies it naturally gives an impression that storing data in the Cloud is not safe and is subject to be breached at any given point of time.

A recent study done by Microsoft shows that more than 50% of small businesses in North America are not willing to use Cloud Solutions, due to concerns regarding data privacy and the recent incidents involving popular companies.

Here are a few important pointers as to why Cloud is reliable and safe:

  • Cloud’s current ecosystem is incorporated with world class global brand names like Google, Amazon and Rackspace, These networking giants provide host applications for other companies that develop and design them, and security is their only concern and functions as the backbone for all their latest and up to date infrastructures. The state-of-the-art biometric security system employed at these data centers makes it impossible for anyone to break in to steal data.
  • Data centers now host the latest in encryption and cutting edge tools for security using cloud based softwares. The zero day threat detectors along with advanced intrusions are included. The security teams who monitor the web for hackers can now prevent them from hacking even before they start to hack. There is also physical security like video surveillance, guards, fencing and access controls.
  • Depending on your standards and your business type security compliance and expense charges are subject to change. Take for instance a banking company handles thousands of confidential documents regarding other peoples personal and money transactions, has a protocol to follow the PCI data security regulations. These standard requirements are a set of 12 requirements and sub requirements of 220 developed by e-commerce companies which is standard for all cloud based services.
  • The Cloud is cost effective when compared to setting up your own security system. Buying your own security equipment (hardware and software) is going to run into thousands of dollars is one thing, maintaining it and constantly updating the security, for it has to be up to date for new threats evolve on a daily basis. Hiring a third party to maintain your security system is going to cost much more. When you use Cloud software for security reasons all you need to do is buy a subscription for security for all your soft wares that need security, the best part is that the subscription cost also covers for your security charges.
  • Cloud takes care of all you security concerns and lets the subscribers focus on their businesses. One very recent incident that happened in New York is that a law firm had their own storage in the basement of their building. All the papers and files were stored in cabinets in the storage area and the backup storage was saved on a serve in the adjacent room and the building happened to catch fire and all the documents along with the backup was lost in the fire. This incident could have been avoided if the firm had opted to save their backup documents in a cloud based data center hosted by any one of the networking companies like Google.

Adopting Cloud based services is the way to go, to keep all your backup files safe and secure. Setting up your own security system can be a headache, when you opt for Cloud you will never have to worry about security again let someone-else do the worrying for you.

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