How Cloud Computing Is Shaping Tech

cloud computing

When people look back on the year 2012 and the technological advances that occurred during this year, they are likely going to recognize cloud computing as one of the greatest technological accomplishments of the year. This is the year that working in the cloud took off, and everyone began using this type of computer networking in not only their personal lives but also their professional lives as well.

With everyone connecting on multiple devices, it became frustrating to find out that a file you desperately need was stored on your laptop — but all you had with you was your iPhone. Using a cloud backup service, a person is now able to access all of their files from multiple devices, including smart phones, laptops and tablets.

We realized that this is the way of the future, but not all of our favorite computer applications can used with the cloud. Microsoft recognized this, and according to Gant Daily, has reformed its software package so that it can not only be used with cloud network but also be used on tablet computers as well. Popular programs and applications are beginning to reform themselves to stay relevant with the times.

Along with the advent of cloud networks has come the invention of cloud backup programs. With so many people relying on the cloud to store many important documents and files, it is important to now continually backup your cloud network the same way you backup a hard drive on a computer or laptop.

According to Daily Finance, technology stocks have taken a nose dive in recent months but cloud computing has allowed other sorts of technological investments to do well. For instance, investing in Google, Amazon and Sales Force are great stocks to invest in right now because they are aiding the general population in moving toward cloud networks. Everyone wants to be in the cloud, and these networks provide those interested with the tools they need to set up their own network.

Cloud networks have allowed us to be on the go without being out of touch. This has allowed people more freedom when it comes to their jobs, traveling and doing work from remote locations. It’s allowing us to be more interconnected and is changing the way all new technologies are created.

Cloud networks have taken the technological world by storm, with people everywhere trying to set up networks in their homes and at their offices. It is giving people newfound freedom, and technology developers have noticed the cloud computing trend. Every software program that is created now aims to be applicable with the cloud, and people who create apps for tablets and smart phones are also wanting to be keeping up with the times and making sure their apps are relevant to cloud computing.

It is important to remember though that while cloud networks are an important new technology that is shaping the lives of generations to come, that it is not immune to standard issues all technology comes with. It is important to routinely perform cloud backup, so that your important files that you are storing in the network are not lost forever. It is important to take the necessary steps to protect your security and your information, and it will allow you to rest easy at night knowing all of your documents are safe — and will still be sitting in the cloud tomorrow when you wake up, ready to start a new day.

About the Author: This blog post is written by Marylou Domingue. Marylou studied journalism and sociology in the Southwest and discovered an interest in and knack for pop culture. She now blogs for various tech sites between catching up on her favorite TV shows.

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  • I like the fact that this article points out the practical aspect that the cloud is not immuned to the problems that all technology has as it relates to the potential for data being lost. Have you ever accidentally deleted a file, an email or perhaps even an entire deletion of a directory. What about a file becoming corrupt or infected with a virus an it’s no longer readable. That same situation can happen in a cloud configuration.

    When this happens, because it will, who at Amazon, Google or Microsoft Azure, will you call to get your data back online? How long will it take? What if it can’t be restored, do you think that these companies will somehow provide you with guarantees that this won’t happen to you?

    If you look at the fine print of many cloud provider terms and conditions, it’s ultimately your responsibility to protect your data not the cloud provider. I’m not saying they’re not going to try to protect your data, it’s that once it’s gone whether in the cloud or locally – it’s gone. You need to incorporate a strong backup and scheduled test restore strategy so you can have the peace of mind that you can get it back when you need to. No one else values your data more than you.

    Vince Arden

    • Ivan


      It’s all coming back to the term of service, really. Many assume that once their data is in the cloud, it’s the cloud vendors’ responsibility to protect your data – it’s not. Your data could dissipates into thin air – and suing your cloud vendors just won’t work – why? Because it’s not guaranteed in the term of service.

      If someone is too lazy to read the term of service, it’s better to hire someone who will – a Lawyer, maybe?