Monitor your Network and Assets in the Cloud: GFI Network Server Monitor Online Review

gfi nsmo reviewWhile many cloud-based business tools evolve around collaboration and time tracking, some specialized cloud services are often overlooked. One of them are IT asset tracking and network management; did you know that there is a cloud-based solution that can help you track your assets – workstations, laptops and servers – as well as monitoring and optimizing your network’s performance? Just in case you are wondering, here’s a cloud tool you should not overlook: GFI Network Server Monitor Online (NSMO).

What is NSMO?

NSMO is one of GFI Cloud‘s web-based IT management services offering an online dashboard from which you can monitor and manage the health and performance of your IT assets automatically – anywhere, anytime.

And check this out: You might be very interested knowing that, not only on-premise assets, you can also remotely monitor off-premise IT assets and mobile devices. So, yes – you can monitor and manage your mobile workforces’ and telecommuters’ software and hardware – up to 500 employees.

From the dashboard, you can learn whether your IT assets are operating at peak efficiency, as well as detecting and addressing potential problems, such as service disruptions and hardware failures. For such purposes, you can setup alerts and network checks the way you need them.

How to use NSMO

GIF Cloud claims that you can start monitoring everything in less than 10 minutes. So, I want to give it a try and I’m happy to report that I can start using NSMO in less than 10 minutes, indeed!

You can start by signing up for the 30-day free trial to see whether NSMO suits your needs. Once you logged in, you can see the options to add computers to monitor – so you can just do that to start testing NSMO features.

server monitoring

For reporting, clicking on a computer in your network will give you details about the number of checks have been done, and what issues arise, if any. You can also view the summary of your network status, along with any potential issues – in real time.

Regarding alerts, you can get them via your email or SMS – your choice; you can set it out in My Account.

For a better overview, check out this GFI NSMO quick tour video:


What I love about NSMO is the information – it’s simple, yet very informative. Each IS asset can offer you a concise information about how many checks have been done, and what issues arise so far, as well as resolved issues.

For a quick look, you can see the summary of your current network status – again, presented in a simple yet effective manner.

I suggest you to make use of the 30-day free trial offer – (here’s the link – no obligation to extend) to see whether GFI NSMO is the right cloud solution for your business.

Just for your information, other than NSMO, GFI Cloud also offers integrated, cloud-based antivirus and anti-spyware – VIPRE BusinessOnline. If you want your entire IT management simplified, you might want to use both cloud services – NSMO and VIPRE BusinessOnline.

Please visit to learn more about their cloud services.

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