How Secure is The Cloud?

cloud security

One of the principal areas of development for businesses, the cloud is the latest advancement which has been made in the world of technology. Offering companies the chance to access files remotely from various locations, much has been said about the potential benefits of the cloud and the role it could play in future developments.

However, for any business considering moving their operations to cloud based systems, investigating the benefits is not enough. All potential risks and disadvantages need to be considered and evaluated to determine whether cloud operations are right for you.


Perhaps the main area of concern for those interested in the cloud is over security. As a system which is not housed within the businesses, a certain level of control is transferred to other parties and this can be difficult for some businesses to adjust to. With numerous companies able to utilise the cloud for their ventures, security is naturally a prime concern and businesses want to ensure their data is safe from other users and from online threats, such as malicious software and online viruses.


In order to address these concerns, numerous efforts have been made to ensure the cloud is as secure as possible. There are plenty of protective measures in place to protect your data and those considering cloud software should make themselves familiar with these processes:

  • Regulatory services: as with all things of this nature, cloud providers comply with certain regulations which are enforced by leading bodies. Always check that the provider you are considering abides by these by checking the information on their website. 
  • Safe storage: whilst the cloud can be remotely accessed your data and files must be physically stored at a data centre. Always investigate where this is and what security it has in place. Most providers will offer multiple back-up locations all of which are controlled by extensive safety measures.
  • Controlled access: as mentioned, you don’t want any unauthorised personnel gaining access to your files. This includes employees of your cloud provider so always investigate the security procedures they have in place when it comes to data access. Remember that laws such as the Data Protection Act apply to all businesses so ensure the service you select abides by these practices at all times.


Overall, despite its relatively new introduction, the cloud is fairly secure. There are plenty of opportunities for businesses within this modern development and thanks to the work of those responsible for its development, security is fairly high. In fact, 85 per cent of IT professionals are confident that cloud providers offer a safe environment for users.

About the Author: This is a guest post by Cloud Next, a cloud web hosting reseller.

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