Sunshine through the Cloud: Why Using Cloud Accounting Software for Business?

cloud softwareCloud computing is a development that has the potential to change the computer industry. Industry heavyweights such as Microsoft, IBM and Google have already invested millions of millions of dollars into research, reflecting a growing belief amongst techies that it’s a method of computing that’ll continue to grow and change, for the better, the way we use computers in our personal and business lives.

Here at Crunch we’re a proud user of cloud software, believing that it’s the best and most efficient way for businesses to run their accounts and keep track of their finances. As a revolutionary company, utilising revolutionary cloud software, we aim to make accounting simpler, more efficient and easier for a range of businesses. Most importantly though, we aim to save them money. Instead of paying a license fee for your own accountancy software or paying a sizable chunk to your high street accountant in annual fees, our online accountancy model is able to offer you the option of monthly payment, with no additional or hidden costs. This allows you to gain a better idea of your cash flow.

All your tax returns, HMRC filings, and Companies House submissions can be generated, checked and submitted via the software, saving you and your company bureaucratic and financial headaches.

Cloud software can also bring huge benefits with regards to convenience and efficiency. It’s a type of software that allows access from anywhere with an Internet connection, we’re therefore able to provide you access to your accounts 24/7. If you’re on the go and you suddenly need access to your company finances you can get them on your laptop or iPad. Simultaneously cloud software can save you and your business from mountains of time consuming paperwork, keeping it in a neat and tidy state, securely hosted and backed-up online.

Now, certain naysayers will point to potential breaches of security as the major flaw of cloud software, arguing that it’s vulnerable to hackers. An obvious counterargument to this at companies offering cloud based services live and die by their reputations. It benefits companies such as ours to have reliable security measures in place. Otherwise, we’d face the prospect of losing clients. It’s in therefore in our interest to employ the most advanced techniques to protect client data.

We’re no less secure than handing your financial dealings over to a high street accountant; in fact we’re probably safer. As well as lot neater and easier to access too. Research suggests that cloud computing is poised for strong growth, with worldwide cloud services projected to reach a revenue of $148.8 billion by 2014.

Accounting is one of numerous industries taking to the cloud to do business and as the figures suggest, it’s a technology which is inspiring confidence amongst businesses and investors alike. Cloud technology has already changed the way thousands of companies do business and we’re here to make it work for you, saving money and improving efficiency whilst providing a safe haven for all your financial matters. That gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business’s success and growth.

Nobody wants to spend their time working through endless tax returns and invoices…unless you’re accountants like us!

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