Adobe will Launch Creative Cloud Soon!

adobe creative cloudAdobe, helping users in creating, delivering and optimizing content and applications via its software, will finally launch Adobe Creative Cloud within the next few weeks, most probably around the same time as Creative Suite new version release.

This update is what Adobe users and cloud computing enthusiasts have been waiting for at least in the past 5 months since it was announced in early October 2011.

As reported by Reseller News, Adobe will transform its distribution model, that will enable Adobe to serve users in three ways:

1. Software download as you go
You will be able to download Adobe software as you need it. This also means that you can download only the modules of a suite you need, that also includes some tablet applications.

2. Services to help users launch web services on their websites
Delivered online via Adobe’s acquired company, Business Catalyst, you can now customize your sites via various web business services, such as online marketing, shopping cart capabilities, and credit card payments.

3. Support community
Adobe users will be able to seek support from a general community.

What Creative Cloud means for users

There are huge demands for personalized services – that’s also why the cloud market enjoys strong growth.

Creative Cloud will help businesses in multiple ways, including cost-saving by purchasing access to Adobe software they only need, as well as the ability to build a powerful web business in the cloud, entirely online.

Need help? You don’t need to have a tech guy coming over for you (and charging you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars) – just seek support from the support community to get help not only from Adobe’s support team, but also from fellow Adobe users; indeed, open-source-style collaboration always works better!

All of the above for the price of (starting from) US$49.99/month – a fair price, I think…

So, what do you think? Will Adobe Creative Cloud gets thumbs up from Adobe users and enthusiasts?

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