The Future of the Cloud – A Summary of the Likely Evolution of the Cloud

cloud computing evolutionCloud computing has had a significant impact on the way modern day business is operated and run.  It has produced a large, rapidly growing, and competitive market place. Here is a look at where it is headed…

More and more large and small business organizations will host important applications with cloud providers. Cloud Computing is an emerging IT development, deployment and delivery model which facilitates real-time delivery of products, services and solutions over the Internet.

As cloud computing and associated cloud services are available in a myriad of forms (software-as-a-service, storage on demand, internal and external clouds, etc.), large corporations across multiple industries are now discovering the multifarious uses of cloud services for business expansion, achieving savings in cost and even decreasing their carbon footprints.

While Google, Amazon and Microsoft are all set to take advantage of cloud forces, some of the other emerging names that are creating the headwind in the cloud space are AppZero, Enomaly, Long Jump and Vaultscape, Flexiant, Workbooks, CloudSigma and Cloudmore, etc.

Social media and social networking have become an integral part of modern day life. With the number of people networking, sharing and buying online growing social media platforms are the new meeting ground for businesses and consumers.  Cloud computing has had a significant impact on social networking and as social networks become a platform for connecting and engaging with consumers the importance of cloud computing in this arena will grow.

The digital media space today is burgeoning with options for businesses to reach out to people through messaging, peer-to-peer sharing, publishing, gaming, search engines, content streaming, web-based e-commerce enterprises, blogs, micro-blogs and cloud computing solutions.  With companies choosing to use multiple platforms to host their media campaigns the affordability and ease of cloud computing solutions will only further boost their popularity.

Cloud computing is being used to simplify personal lives too.  The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton evinced interest worldwide and in keeping with the demands of modern day living they needed a website to allow people to keep abreast of the happenings.  The conventional way of doing things would have been just getting a website but they chose to go the cloud way.

William and Kate chose Google App Engine which provides tools and server space for developing and hosting web applications.  GAE hosted the site n a virtual data centre spread across the globe.  With 15 million hits on the site on the wedding day any other site would have crashed but the Royal’s site on cloud did not experience any glitches.

These were just a few highlights of the future of the cloud.  With its many uses, flexibility and advantages cloud computing promises to bring about a revolution in the way businesses reach out to customers, develop and market products, and collaborate internally and externally.

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