Cloud Computing for Business: Promises and Realities

cloud computing promisesMany businesses testify that cloud computing solves many of their problems. In fact, according to this cloud computing infographic, 80 percent of businesses adopting the cloud start benefiting from it within the first 6 months. That is an encouraging figure, suggesting that going all out to the cloud is a move every business should take. However, is it really the case for each and every business?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

While cloud computing boosts productivity and innovation, while cutting IT-related expenditures and costs, it’s not for every business. This cloud computing infographic by Symantec suggests that there are considerable gaps between what’s expected in cloud computing adoption and what’s shown as the actual results of going cloud.

Here’s a figure to help you make sense of the above: According to the same Symantec infographic, the expectation gap between goals expected and realized is a whopping 42 percent.

Here’s another interesting but disturbing stats: Although nearly half of businesses responded to the survey presented in the Symantec infographic are eager to adopt cloud computing, only 20-25 percent IT staffs have cloud-related experience, with half of IT staffs are less than prepared to handle cloud technology.

The way I see those stats, cloud computing will remain a big question mark to most businesses today – and yes, despite some consider that cloud technology has matured, I don’t think many businesses have reached the same level of maturity. This, in itself, is a gap that IT decision makers need to address.

It’s probably best to stick to common sense. Cover your ears so you don’t hear cloud vendors’ pitches and testimonials and start doing your due diligence: Consult with a “neutral” cloud consultants (some consultants are naturally slanted toward the cloud vendors they partner with) and read white papers and publications that can give you the best insight on what’s going on with cloud computing for business.

To get started, I do have a free resource to recommend… The Cloud: Promises and Realities published by Global Knowledge.

The resources help you to learn about today’s realities of cloud computing with regard to data control, performance, security and ROI (return on investment.) You can also learn that how cloud pioneers have influenced today’s cloud computing promises, including which promises have been realized and which have not.

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