Cloud Computing Trends in India: Businesses are more than eager to adopt the cloud

cloud computing indiaIndia has always been technologically advanced among Asian countries, and this includes advances in cloud computing technology adoption.

I have just stumbled on an interesting interview between InformationWeek India and Pradeep Rathinam, CEO of Aditi Technologies – a company that has recently acquired Cumulux, Seattle-based cloud computing startup. The exclusive interview is basically talking about the acquisition, the cloud adoption and cloud computing trends in India.

What interests me from the interview is Pradeep’s insight on cloud computing adoption in India.

According to Pradeep, India will be a cloud-first IT market. He says that within the next 5-10 years, there will be more than 70 percent of his company’s new business will be cloud-driven. Moreover, 50 percent of his existing customers will migrate to the cloud within the next 2 years.

One of the blessings in disguise in Indian IT (and cloud) market is the fact that India’s IT infrastructure is not that prevalent. Thus, as Indian businesses are embracing technology and the Internet more than ever, the infrastructure that will be prevalent in supporting such growth is cloud computing.

Pradeep gives the boom in e-commerce startups in India as one prominent example: Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. grows rapidly embracing the cloud as the main propeller of the growth; the cloud accommodates the online startups in term of traffic surges, transaction handling and more at more resource-effective manner.

What’s more, Pradeep tells us that almost every client his business has is actively looking for ways to go cloud – mobile, gaming, Web 2.0 properties, BPO, retail, etc. – nearly everything to the cloud.

Regarding the cloud types that will be adopted the most in India, Pradeep explains that currently, India is a big market for SaaS products. However there is a trend of Indian CIOs looking for ways to “upgrade” their companies’ legacy system – a great opportunity for PaaS solutions, like Windows Azure.

The future of cloud computing in India is bright, indeed. What do you think?

Image: Cloud Tech Site

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