Manage Your Cloud Tools Better: CloudVertical Review

cloud vertical reviewBusiness owners embracing the cloud and benefiting from all the goodness of the cloud – please allow me to ask for your full attention… please answer this question: Do you really know the costs break down of the cloud tools you use?

Before you answer that, here’s yet another question for you: Do you really know that you can save A LOT of money on cloud tools expenses just by managing the cloud tools you use better – no trick, no gimmick?

I assume that some of you would answer: There ARE charges that are unnecessary!? Darn cloud scammer – no wonder my cloud bills are so expensive!

But wait – before you jump into conclusion, let me tell you this: Cloud vendors – AWS, CloudKick, etc. – are offering their services in legitimate manner. Actually, it is YOUR responsibility to use the cloud tools you sign up for in effectively and efficiently. To give you some ideas, read this useful blog post on how to reduce your AWS cloud costs.

Now I imagine it would be troublesome to keep an eye on your cloud computing resources usage. Assigning someone to do so might work, but there’s gotta be a better way so that he can be more productive.

The bottom line – you need a tool – a dashboard that can help you monitor the cloud resource usage and the costs related to it, so that you can take actions to reduce your ‘cloud waste.’

Cloud analytical tool: CloudVertical

I invite you to take a closer look at CloudVertical – a cloud analytical tool just launched 6 months ago that can help you monitor your cloud usage and cost via a dashboard app, mobile app and email reports in infographic style – all done automatically by the system.


CloudVertical is a cloud management tool allowing you to view all of your cloud tools in a single dashboard that can give you a big picture on your cloud services. The dashboard is created automatically – so all you need to do is add your cloud tools and services and there you go – a dashboard that will instantly give you information about your cloud usage and costs.

Not only dashboard, CloudVertical offers you stellar reporting, analytics and alerting services, giving you much-needed business intelligence on your tools’ efficiency and effectiveness – including the ability to forecasts future costs, as well as helping you to spot issues with your services.

If your business is on AWS, CloudVertical can help you a lot – you can analyze on anything – cost per app, cost per day/week/hour, and more.

What good is a cloud tool without the ability to work well with mobile devices? CloudVertical dashboards can be accessed from your iPad via an iPad app – so you are empowered to monitor your IT 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

For more details, check out the CloudVertical features.


CloudVertical costs you a whopping… zero dollar.

Indeed, you can start using CloudVertical free of charge. You can integrate unlimited number of cloud tools, access the analytics 24/7, get standard reporting and also access mobile and iPad dashboard. If there’s a catch involved, the Basic plan is only for 1 dashboard and 1 user only – not a problem for most of us.

For a larger business, pricing starts from $95/month. You can create more dashboards, add more users, and access more data, analytics and reporting. You can sign up for 30 day free trial to see if this is actually what you need for your business.


With all the threats of cloud outages, cloud security holes, cloud sprawl and other potentially disastrous threats, CloudVertical is a must-have tool for businesses running in the cloud.

With CloudVertical, other than the ability to optimize usage/cost, I imagine that you can reduce the risks of cloud sprawl (many cloud tools used by your business team without you knowing it, threatening your business privacy and security – especially if your staffs quit or have issues with you.) You can create a rule that your staffs can’t sign up for every cloud tool they encounter; only the tools listed on CLoudVertical can be used by staffs.

Of course, the biggest upside of CloudVertical is the ability for you to monitor cloud usage and cost, allowing you to reduce cloud overheads, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. What could you ask for more in a cloud analytical tool?

Please visit CloudVertical to learn more whether it can help your business achieve its goals.

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