BlueiTech Cloud Private Service Review

blueitech reviewItalian economy is not in a good shape right now, but it’s not all doom and gloom there in Italy. One of the sectors that defies the lackluster economic trend is cloud computing – according to several reports, the cloud has created significant employment opportunities worldwide, and that includes Italy.

One of the leading cloud vendors that propels Italian economy to go to the right direction is BlueiTech, Italy’s premier cloud hosting provider.

About BlueiTech

BlueiTech, formerly Bluesoft, was established in 1994 to offer Internet Solutions for Italian market. Today, BlueiTech focuses on data center-related services, such as cloud and dedicated hosting.

Services offered by BlueiTech include: Web hosting, dedicated servers, Cloud Private Service, hosted IP PBX, and colocation service. Not only those, BlueiTech also provides supporting services, such as domain registration, server vulnerability assessment, data backup and disaster recovery/business continuity.

Cloud Private Service

One of BlueiTech’s featured services is Cloud Private Service, offering true-cloud hosting services that allow customers to utilize hosting services in pay-as-you-go basis, as well as the conventional per-contract monthly subscription. Furthermore, just like with any quality cloud hosting service providers, customers can deploy numerous cloud servers, and enabled to scale up or down automatically in real time as they see fit.

Here is an overview video on how the cloud private service works…


For the pay-as-you-use basis, BlueiTech offers hourly use of CPU and RAM, priced at EUR 0.011/hour and EUR 0.016/hour, respectively. The costs seem higher than BlueiTech’s competitors, but such price includes Burst capability, allowing you to access more resources without additional costs when your website is regularly getting surges of traffic. So, if you are regularly running sales campaigns and promotions, the Burst capability can help ensuring you the availability of your website.

For monthly cloud hosting plan, BlueiTech offers CPU (500 core Mhz) at EUR 0.0055/hour and RAM (512 MB) at EUR 0.0078/hour.

Here’s an online cloud hosting cost calculator to give you an idea or two about how much would the service costs if you want to rent a particular hardware on the cloud server: Cloud Private Service configruation.

To save money, it’s possible to prepay for the cloud services – for a 3-month, 6-month and 12-month prepay period, you will get 5 percent, 10 percent and 15 percent discounts, respectively.

Free trial offer

BlueiTech offers free trial for the cloud service. Customers can make use of the 7-day free trial to test the cloud services – to see whether they can actually help you maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Verdicts and Suggestions

BlueiTech is one of the most prominent players in cloud computing in Italy. Services offered seem compelling, and by offering true cloud hosting solution, even BlueiTech turns out to be one of the better cloud hosting providers in the world. How so? Due to cloud washing and all, it’s not easy to find a cloud vendor that can let you enjoy the true power of cloud computing: Scalability, flexibility, automation and redundancy in the cloud. BlueiTech cloud private service can offer you just that.

Regarding feedback, I would like to recommend BlueiTech to redesign the company website, in term of visual design and information presented on it. Here are some suggestions…

While some basic information are there, but assuming myself as a potential client, I want to see more on what benefits I can enjoy if they sign up with BlueiTech: Is the cloud service really a true cloud service? Is it burstable? Is it scalable? What commitment I should do to sign up? I can find those in F.A.Q section, but it should be in a more prominent location, in my opinion.

Adding customer testimonials would be fantastic, as – in my opinion – testimonials can help BlueiTech sells its service.

All in all, if you are doing business in Italy and looking for a trusted cloud hosting provider, I recommend you to contact BlueiTech.

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