5 Cloud Business Services for Online Entrepreneurs

cloud apps for entrepreneursOnline entrepreneurs are basically cloud workers; they are starting and building their web business using business cloud services and solutions. In fact, some of them are essentially operating 100 percent online, with any mobile devices they have access to.

Webpreneurs are using cloud apps, such as Google Apps; they are using cloud storage to backup their files and documents; they are using collaboration software to work with freelancers, clients and partners.

Lucky for us, there are plenty of cloud services available today. Here are some recommended cloud services an online entrepreneur can sign up with to help them and their web businesses to be more productive (and cut their operating expenses.)

1. Google Apps

I know, I know. Typical. But even the Google apps for personal user is sufficient to help managing your web business well. You create a document, access calendar, check your email, etc. – all done in the cloud. Read our Google Apps review here.

2. Project Drive

Need managing your project better? Working with freelancers and outsourcing partners worldwide? Project Drive can help you do your project management and project collaboration with your team better with great flexibility – you can virtually create any projects with any form fields combo possible. Read our Project Drive review here.

3. Box.net

Another typical choice. Box.net is essentially a cloud storage and file sharing tool, allowing you to store data in the cloud and share files and folders with your team or clients. Read our Box.net review here.

4. Rackspace

Rackspace claims to be the number 1 fan of the cloud. So, I don’t think there are plenty of choices when it comes to hosting your web business sites in the cloud. Reliable, cutting-edge technology, pay as you go, great support and community – a perfect choice of cloud hosting. Read our Rackspace review here.

5. Cloudflare

Cloudflare will put your web business site on steroid; Incoming traffic from the web will be cached and filtered by Cloudflare and then deliver “safe” traffic to your site, as well as speed up your website loading time. Read our Cloudflare review here.

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