4 Reasons Salesforce.com Disappoints

salesforce sucks

Although Salesforce is a billion dollar company, that doesn’t mean their products are perfect solutions. In reality, countless businesses have found that Salesforce is not a good fit for their needs.

Whether you’re currently using Salesforce or have been thinking about shelling out a boatload of money to use what they have to offer, here are four reasons you should think twice about doing business with them:

Insecure and Unstable

Salesforce loves to portray themselves as the most secure way to keep all your vital business data in the cloud. However, given their huge size, it should come as no surprise that they are a target for digital thieves.

Several years ago, thieves were successful at compromising the data of countless Salesforce users. They executed this security breach through a combination of phishing and fraudulent emails.

A related issue is the downtime of Salesforce. Because the data stored with Salesforce is so important, businesses need access to it at all times. However, businesses have been stuck without this access when Salesforce has gone down.

A documented example from 2009 showed the company’s services went down for nearly an hour. While this may not sound like long to anyone who doesn’t run a business, you know that being stuck without access to a crucial part of your business for this long is enough to negatively impact it.

Not Flexible

While Salesforce views their large size as an advantage, the truth is this is actually a huge disadvantage for their customers. Because the company is so large, they provide the same solution to all of their users. Unfortunately, what works for one company probably isn’t going to be the ideal fit for another company.

As a result of Salesforce’s lack of flexibility, many businesses end up paying a ton of money for a solution that doesn’t fully fit their needs.

Costs Even More to Add Seemingly Basic Functionality

Want to integrate Salesforce with Outlook? How about add your Salesforce data to a calendar? While these seem like basic functionalities that should be included with a CRM solution, Salesforce requires you to pay even more for them.

Although Salesforce touts its app marketplace as a great way for users to customize the platform to their specific needs, the truth is it’s just one more way for the company to wring even more money out of its customers.

Little Changes are Far Too Difficult to Make

If someone wants to make a minor adjustment to their CRM system, you would expect that they should be able to take care of it on their own. Unfortunately, if a Salesforce customer wants to make a little change to the system they are paying so much to use, they can plan on shelling out even more money for an Apex’s developers service.

While a big benefit of online software is that it can give users more control over their experience, Salesforce is still stuck with the mindset and execution that caused most people to hate Microsoft products for so many years.

At Sales Nexus, we’re proud of being smaller than Salesforce. If you want to see why we believe our company’s smaller size is a huge advantage, check out how we take care of the areas where Salesforce falls short!

Craig Klein is CEO of SalesNexus which is a online CRM solution company headquarted in Houston, Texas.

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  • kevin

    we are so disappointed with salesforce.com. Poor customer service. Constantly trying to upsell us – otherwise your “customer rep” NEVER answers emails or phone calls. Too complicated to use. Too get expected and PROMISED functionality, we have to spend days going through 3rd party apps to get what we need. We regret ever having used them.

  • michael

    Salesforce is a total fraud. Their company is full of highly skilled liars and fraudsters. I lost a ton of money with them and their product and what I got in return is a video of the CEO surfing! I am working on a class action against them.

    • Sean

      Let someone know if that lawsuit ever gets up and running

  • AW

    Let’s re-name it SALES FARCE because that is what it is!

  • Herb

    Have had an extremely frustrating couple of days importing some records into SlsForce.com Group Edition user…now 3 days after being locked into contract I’m told by my slsperson that “IT DOESN”T DO VERY MUCH” and that we should pay $2000 for a “quick start” by one of their affiliates.

    This is a classic bait and switch — I feel stupid for getting my company into this. Would NEVER recommend this company.

  • Jessica

    Our company was in the processing of renewing with Salesforce, but we lost some team members back in 2008 so we wanted 5 less user licenses. We were told by their strong-arm renewal goons that we could not downsize. Mind you, this was not in the middle of our contract, this was our renewal. They said if I didn’t like it, too bad. We took our business over to Sugar CRM and have been much happier with the cost, functionality and customer service. I would never recommend anyone use Salesforce.

    • Jon Tresko

      Not recommend to anyone might be a strong statement, considering what’s true for your 5 person company might be much different for most other companies out there, whether small or large. It’s not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for anyone. Glad you’re happy with Sugar, as it’s not a bad CRM, but I’ve personally found it to be difficult to customize compared to Salesforce. Licensing is always a painful part about technology, but I think it’s great that Salesforce even allows as few as 10 user companies to take advantage of Enterprise Grade software that companies like NBC, HP, Amazon, Harvard, Hilton, etc use. I’d much rather use something that’s good enough for the world’s largest companies than open-source software open to hackers n such…

      • Jon, you forgot great companies like Lehman Brothers, WorldCom, General Motors, Enron, Chrysler, Texaco, United Airlines, Delta Airlines. I bet they were using “Enterprise Grade software” too.

  • Dan

    Salesforce definitely sucks – as stated in the numerous posts below they are a bunch of fraudsters, and their product is really not superior. Time will tell and the underdogs such as SugarCRM will overtake SF soon.

  • James

    SFDC may not be perfect, but the reasoning above is not particularly sound. I’m neither an advocate or a hater of SFDC, but the article is written by a competitor in the Cloud CRM market and it’s reasoning is not backed up by any evidence nor does it suggest what it is like on the other side of the fence. If you’re needing Apex coding, the chances are you’re not making a simple change. Most changes a company needs can be done through the administrator tools. The comments below should actually be the content of this article, more sound reasons why SFDC may not work for everyone.

  • We’ve been picking up a heap of ex-Salesforce customers for the reasons below and like to think its all guiding our product direction. Happy to talk with anyone on Skype, Linkedin, whatever. Definitely no bait and switch or other sales crap here.

  • I’been a SFDC customer for seven years and still wondering when the CRM functionality is going to come. For now it’s glorified adress book. The Apex coding is not really coding it’s mind-boggling coming from real programming language like C, C++, Java or anything else called programming. Sorry James, I’m not a lawyer so I’m not into providing evidence – this is just my personal and technical opinion.

    What I cannot understand is how many people think Salesforce is great? None of my sales reps does. SFDC is not even good i you come from Excel. It was nice in 2004 maybe. If you are and Apex consultant this is great, since the “adaptability” is more profitable than writing a custom CRM from scratch. Developing a CRM today is much faster and much cheaper than 10 years ago.

  • Nancy

    Been down over three days now. They have no idea why. HELLO?

  • Alex

    Why don’t you use pen and paper? I guess that’d fit your needs 100%

  • salesforceuser

    Sales Force sucks! Sales people need to be focused on SELLING, not entering data into some CRM system. Anyone who thinks otherwise has no clue. Any company spending money on this is pissing money right down the toilet. Sales Force is a poorly designed and needlessly complicated, inflexible system that reminds me of a shitty Microsoft product. It is a scam!

  • Kater

    Sales force consumes to much time. you should be selling not entry data for 5 of the 8 hours your at work. The fact that it holds everything is awesome but looking for a good mobile front end as a solution…its blows but ehh.