The Cloud Revolution – Cloud Business News Roundup – August 15 – 21, 2011

the cloud revolutionThis week’s cloud business news roundup highlights the cloud revolution predicted to happen in the near future. It seems that we are actually in the midst of the revolution today, as big businesses are revamping their business to go all the way to the cloud.

As reported by Mike Wall of, the IT chief technology officer Tomas Soderstrom of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) explains that “The cloud is a total game-changer, and we’re right at the beginning.”

JPL is embracing the cloud and has actively utilizing cloud technologies to analyze and handle data gathered by unmanned vehicle deployed in Mars today and in the future.

Talking about revolution; HP is probably the most radical of all businesses involved with cloud solutions provision. HP – the largest PC maker in the world – will sell its PC and mobile business and focus on software, allegedly cloud-based services and solutions.

HP is said to follow IBM’s footpath, although rather late behind; IBM has sold its PC business to Lenovo some times ago.

HP has already built a strong cloud computing plan, establishing enterprise cloud business that is competitive enough to go head-to-head with IBM, Oracle, and the other big guys. Looking into the future, it’s a bold move taken by HP – obviously planning to profit big time from its cloud business services.

To kick off its cloud computing revolution, HP acquired a software developer Autonomy Corp. for $10 billion, as reported by Bloomberg.

HP will also capitalize on the cloud by partnering with Microsoft; HP is Windows Azure Appliance partner and there’s probability that HP will resell Microsoft cloud solutions.

HP must be aware that it needs to be able to respond well to changes, including outages. Since HP is partnering with Microsoft, HP will be exposed to the risks as Microsoft, such as the latest Microsoft cloud issues, the Office 365 outage.

Talking about the outage – Microsoft, again, fails to communicate well regarding the Office 365 outage, leaving users in dismay and rage.

One thing for sure – cloud computing revolution can be a smooth ride or rough ride. Cloud businesses, in my opinion, need to step up in their communication with the clients. What clients want beyond good services is great support.

Well communicated problems and issues is a form of great support, so if Microsoft (and the rest of the cloud giants) still fumble on the communication issues, it means that the cloud revolution is still very open for small cloud businesses to join and grab their market share.

For you and me – the cloud users – all we need to do is to sit back and enjoy better cloud services, more cloud service options, and be ready to get our lifestyle evolved – all thanks to the cloud.

What’s your view? Will the cloud revolution benefits both business and personal cloud users? Please share your thoughts by commenting on this article.

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