Cloud Business News Roundup March 28 – April 3, 2011: Before You Go Cloud, Consider Your Options

cloud due diligenceCloud computing for business this week highlight yet another warning of cloud computing adoption woes. This time, this article warns you to consider your options before you decide to jump in, for some reasons.

Before you sign up with any cloud solutions, such as Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, you need to know what you should expect in term of privacy, security and usage bills.

Be sure you check your preferred cloud services’ Terms of Services. Are their TOS acceptable? Will their TOS expose you to business interruptions should anything goes wrong?

Moreover, you need to do your due diligence before subscribing in a cloud business services. You need to ask how the data is secured, where it’s stored, the track record, etc.

Remember: Adopting the cloud bears one major risk: If your cloud business service providers shut down their services, what would you do? What happen with your data? How about your business continuity?

Again, do your homework, and use the free trial offers to test the water whenever available.

Coming up – here’s some other updates going on this week in the cloud computing world:

How cloud computing can better your company

A good 101 on cloud computing for business; you can learn other companies’ experience with their cloud computing adoption – you can get answers on how much you can save money with cloud computing? How cloud computing can help you to do business better?

World’s first cloud business service management solution

Neebula System launches Neebula ServiceWatch 1.5 – a cloud solution that can offer you real-time service modeling and management and ensuring you that your business services stay healthy.

Cloud acquisition: Salesforce buys Radian6 – one of the pioneers in cloud computing – announced on March 31, 2011 that it has acquired Radian6, a social media monitoring platform, for about $326 million – $276 million in cash and $50 million in stocks. With Radian6 cloud technology, Salesforce will enable tracking on emails shared on social media for enhancing its CRM offerings.

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