iSpaces Review: Free Cloud-based Virtual Desktop

ispaces virtual desktopCloud based services are becoming more and more popular as people begin to realize the benefits, such as how scalable and how easy it is to integrate into existing solutions. At one time, these services were only available if you paid for them. However today there are many free cloud-based services available and new ones popping up all the time. One such company, called iSpaces is offering just such a service, but is it a good choice?

What is iSpaces?

iSpaces is essentially a free, multi-desktop cloud computer that answers a need of many – if not all – web surfers and anyone working with the web.

Consider this simple scenario: Your typical web browser will only allow you to save your browsing history on your local PC or laptop desktop. So when you are not with your PC or laptop, you will need to search all over again to catch up on what you are doing before.

With iSpaces’ CloudBrowser – a browser-within-a-browser – you take your browsing experience a few steps further; you can literally save all of your browsing history to the cloud, in such a way that you can access your browsing history with or without your laptop or PC, wherever you are. You only need to log on to your iSpaces account and you will have everything there. What’s more, iSpaces’ NonStopWeb will allow your previously opened windows and tabs to be reopened instantly from any computers you access your iSpace account from.

Not only those, you can also access a host of features, such as SpacePhone (a free VOIP app,) OfficeSpace (integrates your iSpaces desktop with Zoho Office Suite,) and more.

Watch this iSpaces demo to give you some ideas on how iSpaces can help you:

The verdicts

Given that it is free, this is going to be one of the great selling points for the program. The ability to browse web pages, save the browsing history, and access them through various computers is very appealing, especially to those who run their business online. This is going to save valuable time in the long run and may be one of the reasons that people are going to love iSpaces.

No matter how powerful a software application, there will always be a few drawbacks. Currently, the “cloud-based multi-desktop” is a work in progress, which means that people are going to come across a few kinks that could disrupt their work flow. In addition, the application works best with Google Chrome, which may be a problem for those that do not use this software, or at least a hassle; you need to download Google Chrome first before using the cloud services. According to the iSpaces website, the free cloud computer will be available across all browsers and platforms soon.

However, with the pros and cons in mind, it would seem that iSpaces is one of those cloud-based software to keep an eye on. Given that it is free, it gives people a good chance to test out iSpaces Cloud Computer without having to worry about the price.

Right now iSpaces has “officially” launched on Windows and Linux computers although it seemed to work fine on my Mac using Safari. So, I suggest you to keep an eye on iSpaces future developments.

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