Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player for Web and Amazon Cloud Player for Android: A Review

amazon cloud drive and, Inc. has recently announced the latest addition to the company’s arsenal of cloud services: Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon Cloud Player for Web and Amazon Cloud Player for Android. What are their benefits?

Amazon launched all three with a purpose: Establishing their share in the music and cloud storage markets with their cloud music solutions. The cloud services enable customers to store and play music securely, using any devices you can think of: PC, Laptop, Android phone, Android tablet, etc.

Amazon Cloud Drive

With this service, customers can upload their collection of music, as well as storing MP3 purchases from directly to the Amazon Cloud Drive. This service is free up to 5GB of storage. For the launch, you can get a free upgrade to 20 GB of storage with an MP3 album purchase from Amazon MP3 store.

Amazon Cloud Drive is essentially a cloud storage solution. Not only music, you can store any type of files securely and enable them to be accessible from anywhere.

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player can allow you to do anything you can think of an online music player: You can download, upload and play music from anywhere, using your PC or laptop (using Amazon Cloud Player for Web) or your Android-powered devices (using Amazon Cloud Player for Android.)

You can also buy MP3 from and play it or save it on your Amazon Cloud Drive – all done online, from your laptop or Android phone.

Check out this great video to better understand what the Cloud Drive and Cloud Player can offer you:

What I think of Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

With its lineup of stores, is doing so well in bundling offers and present it in a new way to make things easier for customers to do what they want – in this case, buy, play, and store music in the cloud and they can do so from anywhere.

Amazon has the infrastructure (offered via AWS – Amazon Web Service) and the revenue stream (Amazon MP3) to support the success of Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. Amazon MP3 store will see sales improvement with this new cloud services launch, as the Cloud Drive and Cloud Player are integrated seamlessly with the Amazon MP3 store.

However, some issues surrounding the launch can slow things down – legal issues from the music industry regarding to storing and sharing music online. Nevertheless, it’s a smart strategic move by Amazon to keep itself as one of the forerunners in cloud computing solutions.

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