AceProject: Manage Your Project in the Cloud

online project management softwareWhen a person is working from home or working for a company on a project, they are going to find that being able to work with others throughout the project is going to get the project done faster and is going to be easier. To do so, you need online project management software.

A web-based or cloud-based project management software and an Internet connection are the only things you need to get started. One of such software I recommend is AceProject free project management software and online time sheet tracking system.

AceProject allows people to use a powerful web-based application in order to manage their projects effectively. You can create tasks and monitor the progress of the tasks using Gantt charts and internal reporting system. This is going to allow those that are on the project to see what everyone else is seeing and means that there is going to be no part of the project that is going to get done more than once and no part going undone.

Not only tools to manage projects, AceProject also offer time tracking system, allowing you to track your time spent on a certain set of tasks, as well as helping Project Managers to monitor their team members’ time sheets. You can also utilize the time tracking tool to be sure that you get paid for the work that you do and have a way to prove that you have been working on the project.

How to get started?

If you are ready to test the water, let’s start with signing up. The sign up process is easy and I can do it in less than 2 minutes. Once you are registered, you will be sent an email containing useful details – your account information, how to get started (the get started guide is very useful,) and support contact information should you need it.

Inside your account, you can immediately test the features. I must say that although the functions are as-expected, but they are very-well-executed. You can start by creating a task and track the status of the task in a straightforward manner. Simple, no fuss.

The reporting systems are very useful – you can view Gantt charts, calendar, task reports, time tracking reports, expense reports and project overview statistics.

To learn more, please read the Get Started guide you will receive after you sign up – it offers you the information you want to know about AceProject. Need more information? You can join the Discussion Forum from inside your admin panel. Plus, I suggest you to visit AceProject’s YouTube channel to learn more from videos, instead of text.

The verdict

Overall, the tools provided are as comprehensive as you want in a project management software. The online software will make the project easier and for those that manage multiple projects, getting the project managed easier is less time spent on these tasks and more time spent on the actual project.

So if you value project reports and statistics, AceProject is for you – the reporting system is powerful. I recommend you to sign up and start managing your project with AceProject – online and free.

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