VeriShow: Live Support and Real-time Collaboration with Multimedia Tools

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Today’s online consumer expects top quality personal customer support experience. It is often the difference between getting a customer to buy or not to buy your products and services.

Live chat is a common feature with many e-commerce and e-services websites. Site visitors use such applications to communicate with online website representatives, usually by text chat. VeriShow, by HBR Labs, LLC, belongs to this family of solutions; however, it also provides multimedia features as well as other powerful applications that can enhance the interaction with customers. These features include audio and video conferencing, and applications such as image and document sharing, real-time form filling, screen sharing and more.

How VeriShow works

VeriShow is web-based collaboration platform where applications could be added to it as needed and requires no downloads. VeriShow provides its clients with the option to add a ‘Live Expert button’ to their website so their customers could reach them directly by clicking on it. An online shopper or visitor clicks on that button to receive on-demand live customer support (similarly to how live chat software works). Once they join the live session, the vendor asks the customer for their need.

Prior to this, the host made themselves available by logging-in. When they log in, he or she, is presented with their selected collection of VeriShow’s collaborative apps which they can use to illustrate certain things during the session to ensure the customer get best possible customer support service.

A jewelry sales rep using VeriShow to show a ring to a customer. Image taken from VeriShow's promotional material.

VeriShow’s platform empowers a customer service representative to provide more information about a certain product by utilizing variety of dedicated applications. For example, various applications can be used at the same time to show still images, video clips, or even real live feed from a second camera while having a one-on-one conversation with a customer about that product. Real time communication could take place through VeriShow’s audio / video , its chat application, or through a regular phone. VeriShow also has organized queue management to determine who is next in line for a live expert. However, note that VeriShow does not provide CRM capabilities, therefore is not a replacement for a CRM system.

VeriShow’s customer support capabilities are not limited to online sale of goods. A customer service rep or client manager can use several other applications for rich interaction. Two individuals on opposite sides of the country or planet, can in real time – work on a document, fill out a form together, view and annotate images (such as a prototype or blueprints). On VeriShow one can meet one person or many and share practically any document type, annotate and co-edit any text.

This is the VeriShow user interface; notice the many applications, ability to video, audio, and text chat, and the organized list of participants. Pros, Cons and the Bottom Line


  • Vendors can show products and services live, not just describe them.
  • Account owners can use annotation tools to walk customers through a product and/or related material.
  • Customers could see facial expression of a vendor which may help in building trust and confidence.


  • A representative needs to be available for site visitors (applies to live chat solutions too.)
  • Interaction may take more time (though conversion can be higher due to dedication of the support person).

VeriShow is a platform with many applications that can be used together at the same time helping vendors to compete more effectively in the online marketplace. VeriShow also offers multi-media support capabilities by providing video, audio, and text chat.

Several types of businesses can use VeriShow, from call centers to in house customer support to sales reps who would want to create a more effective interaction experience with their customers. VeriShow is a true enhancement to existing live help solutions.


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