Cloud Computing Jobs are on the Rise

cloud computing jobsDespite what many fears that cloud computing will cut IT employment prospects, the fact so far shows the otherwise; cloud computing is good for the economy.

Indeed, cloud computing is good for everyone. For businesses, adopting cloud computing allows them to cut costs and increase productivity; for IT professionals, cloud computing has born some new job titles that will only grow in demand as the cloud also grows in demand, such as cloud architect, cloud engineer and cloud project leader. Moreover, companies adopting the cloud also need non-IT staffs who understand the concept of cloud computing for business – such need has born these job titles: cloud marketing, cloud sales, cloud finance and some other cloud-related job titles.

More companies will adopt the cloud sooner or later, and they do need people who are cloud-savvy and able to take care the business cloud for them. This is a simple supply and demand situation, and this is why cloud computing jobs are on the rise and will likely to stay on course years to come.

Cloud computing salaries and job trends

Compared to other IT jobs, cloud computing jobs offer better salaries, in general. As of today, Indeed reports that cloud computing salaries average at $103,000, while Simply Hired reports them at $105,000 in average. Compare those figures with the salaries of other similar job titles, such as Software Engineer ($82,000) and Senior Network Architect ($86,000.)

In UK, IT Jobs Watch reports that the demand for cloud-savvy professionals is rising; in proportion of other job titles, those that related to cloud computing has increased in demand over time, at approximately 2.25 percent in January 2011.

Cloud skills required

If the projects interest you, here are some requirements you need to consider before applying for cloud jobs, according to

  • Job experience in big cloud computing companies – such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce – is an advantage.
  • Experience in cloud tech, such as VMWare, will also be advantageous.
  • A degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related field of study.
  • Experience in IT migration, such as cloud migration, data center migration or server consolidation project.
  • Knowledge and experience in other IT tech, especially web tech, such as Java, web services, Ajax, etc.

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